game/screen freeze during battles

not sure if this is a game/screen or some other “freeze”, but during battles either

  1. the screen freezes mid-game, and the sound effects also seem to go into repeat.  I can hear the sounds, but the game will not reset/restart on its own until I close the game.

  2. the screen freezes mid-game, but I can hear the game continuing!  I can hear things being blown up, soldiers being killed… and in some cases I can hear the win/loss.

In PvP battles when I restart the game I’ve lost trophies… in Ninja battles I lose the battle. in the case where extra battles or an Uber chest was the bonus, I lose that too!

I’ve reported this to FG many, many times… nothing ever happens, so I’m posting it here just in case there are others going through this!

TIA for helpful replies

Let me guess, you play on a Window system? That sounds exactly like what happens to my fiance and me…during our battles. No controls work, but the game seems to keep on going with sounds, etc. We just can’t do anything to control what’s happening. Restarting causes a complete loss of food, gold, chests, etc. Reported it many times as well. Hopefully posting here will get something done?!

working hard for trophies, experience & gold, and suddenly the screen freezes… yet I can still hear the game continuing!  the battle rages, and all I can do is hope I win, but alas I lose more trophies during this game freeze than I won in a week!  and STILL nothing from FG!   seems to happen, along with no free chest & boost, etc, right after a live update!  and STILL nothing from Flaregames