Game shuts down?!?!?

I have a new iPhone 8, 256Gb, with updated ios. A few weeks ago RR2 started to shut down. It is getting worse. In the current war it has shut down during 3 raids. I’m loosing food and sculls. I have restarted both the game and my phone. I’ve played for many years but will stop if this problem isn’t explained and solved immediately.

Ragnur, Rising Warriors

I have the same problem, in my case, the game closes when I am in a battle of alliance wars, the game bounces me without reason and when I go back in, I have already lost loaves of bread and medals, please find solutions as soon as possible. Friends are going through the same thing.


Had two lock ups… close and restart and no good

session appears to be locked on server too …. 5 minutes and then it works again