game start crushing

play this game almost two years and this newer hapend before when i finish atack game just crush ?? I play on Microsoft mobile with my device is everything OK , is this hapend because you prepare platform for update 4,0 or…?? Please help it just Nerf very much after every single atack game crush ???

must be your alliance Milos, doesn’t happen here in Chaos squad, and just so happens we have a space for you :grinning:

I play Microsoft windows, no issues here atm.

@MILOS did you happen to start the game on your second device while playing the battle on the first one?


If yes, then the crash is because the game server is built in a way to dc you after you finish your battle. Ive suggested a hard block for this thing, but there is mothing as of yet.

i don’t have second device , play game just on my sell fone Microsoft 10 

In which case, it may be the usual thing of your memory running out and the game being emergently shut… Its always a good practice to restart your game every 10-15 battles if your device may run out of memory (it is a phone)  

aha you got a point Il try to reses some thing it is probably memory, thanks bro