Game Suggestion Prizes

Hi - It appears I may have won one of the prizes (1 of 3 Oracle winners).

Thanks for that and It is a real positive that you seek input from members for game ideas - may I suggest you continue this practice (even if only on a smaller scale) for future major upgrades

My question @Infamous - can I ask when it might be awarded?  Just helps with resource planning - no hurry (I also have incorrectly capitalised the O in my ingame name “oops” it’s actually Marcusoz)

@MarcusozInception the plan is to have it done today. I believe you were amongst the few people whose IGN did not match the forum name, consequently causing a minor delay of prizing. Shoot me a pm if nothing comes you way by tomorrow, but I am pretty confident everything should be sorted by the afternoon.


P.S. Thanks for the feedback! Since this was an experimental content, the opinions of those who participated have a lot of weight in deciding whether such contests will or will not be done again in future.

Thanks - I just received 100 gems out of the blue - which is welcome - but I did think the prize was bigger- a share of 2000gems ? Would you please advise?

Ooooopppss… Sorry about that!

Correcting now, you will receive your Gems shortly!

Many thanks,


Thanks - got them - much appreciated @GalaMorgane


 U are from greek?:stuck_out_tongue:

She is from France or, given FG position, Germany

I’m French  :grinning:

Your name is infamous no gala:p

Ooooops is greek word:P