Game Update: Version 1.4.2

Whew! I thought the latest game update was a hoax. Good thing I checked on the Play Store first before updating. I also thought the latest update would lessen all costs and upgrade time.

For what exactly is the latest update?

By the way, I still can’t receive a Starter Package offer on my Android device? Is there also a cool down for it? (He he.) Or maybe I have to spend all the gems first before that offer becomes available?


I see update 1.4.2 just for android. I say it’s maybe a bug for android user and solved or it’s update that come for windows phone and windows , too.

I don’t see any update for game in windows now.


Yes only play store(android) has new update,nothing changed,but before I’m able to see atleast 2-3 free food offers,after update no free food offers,sometimes 1 offer after lot of tries. :slightly_frowning_face:

Found out that the offer only pops-out depending on your Gems. If you have plenty of Gems, the game WON’T OFFER you anything or offers that require more Gems than what you have. Business as usual. Unfair for the Free Users (like me).

New update u cant drop throupy luke before, so players cant stay in low throupy and atack highe lvl base

Checked Windows phone store and no update. Latest version still shown as 1.4.1. But funny thing i noticed is it shows as 1.6.0 on both splash screen and in help? in the game. Why 1.6.0???

Hello everyone,


Update 1.4.2 is a technical Android update only. It fixes some performance issues on this system.


No game mechanics or content has been changed in this update.