Game update

Hi Flare.

Today morning I logged into the game and found that several members have been kicked from our alliance. So I take this as the cause to ask you for an update in several aspects:

  1. Pls. add the name of the general that kicks a soldat to the message “player1 was kicked by player2”.

  2. If someone becomes inactive after a week, we sometimes decide to kick him. In this case I would like to leave him a message like “pls apply when you are back”.

  3. I would like to be able to write messages to players that are not in my alliance.

  4. The one message line that a leader can write on the alliance info page is much to small. I would like to be able to write a set of rules that every member can read at any time.

  5. A general has nearly as much rights as a leader. I would like to specify what rights a general has, like: invite, kick, apply n boosts per day, …

Other points are:

  1. The deactivated accept invitation button resets sometimes. In particular this happens if one opens this page two times.

  2. The defense path field on the down right is buggy. Everytime I choose a path through this field the game disconnectes. After the reconnection the path is reset.

Thx a lot.

Some of the ideas you suggest now like the  2) 3) 5) (as i remember) have already been suggested by other players, so nothing new, but they should add them in-game:


  1. Yes, it could be an implement that could make a more constructive approach with this patch 1.7.0 about the General;


  1. I want to specify about the current mail is a bit restrict and also many times has been told to expand this function. I hope they solve with messages among players as you wrote. So I agree because i calculated that you can write up to  100 characters (including spaces), they should expand also this function at minimum  200 characters;


  1. Totally true! Nobody from what i red, wrote this nice point! I think it’s a bug, but i don’t know why it resets sometimes;


  1. What right path, a screenshot could be helpful, report your problem here: with the attacked file of screenshot.