Game updated but whats changes?

Title reflects itself, whats new?

Hmmm, still nothing.

Forum Announcement would be good.

If this V 3.9.2 it is a bug fix, that is appreciated but also it means Version 4.0 is not close. Many people are  bored and waiting for long needed changes and new stuff.

Communication is very, very bad at the moment.

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Here we go :slight_smile:


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But no schedule, no word for Version 4.0?

You realize people are desperately waiting for it? @GalaMorgane


What about epilepsy of Stunning Ogre + Juggernaut boosts? @GalaMorgane

Flare has got like a month or two before the veterans all leave the game due to lack of updates. hurry up or see no players playing a game.

Think it is nice the festivals returns , but i guess more are waiting for new update, with new things and not only extra levels on everything.  It would also nice the problems with cheating in pro league got solved

@GalaMorgane reading the announcement again, your description is very disrespectful against people having real problems with the Phoebe Armageddon issue.

 * Celestial Phoebe Armageddon effect has been toned down and shouldn’t cause epilepsy anymore. (?)

It would be an epileptic attack, not epilepsy itself and the sunglasses do not belong there too.

If 4.0 means “+10 alliance levels”, i think i’m fine like that ?


What about epilepsy of lots of Dracomancers attacking and flashing all over your screen? @GalaMorgane

don’t tell with all bugs,visual bugs and problem in RR2. Only 3 has been fix? What a joke really if its the case. RR2 team have take over 2 month if no more to fix 3 bugs. At this speed all the bugs will stay in the game for again 1 year.

what you do with :

  • Gargoyle tower bug

  • Grandma shop bug with grey square

  • visual bug in blacksmith still there

  • Pro Boost Archer who go in the grass out of the road

and many more. You must check in Bugs section. Not sure but still overs easy 20 bugs if no more

What RR2 team do? at why 3.9.2 only? that means we will not see 4.0.0 soon? what happen? RR2 team don’t have the motivation anymore to work on RR2? in this case let’s this game die and work on RR3 or I don’t know. Sell your right to a another team who will love to invest their time to improve RR2.

All the waiting for that? hope its just a minor update and we will have a real 3.9.3 update soon

I think the writing is on the wall here. They don’t give us updates about any upcoming changes because there aren’t any planned. I suspect if a developer from another area gets in trouble or has some free time, the punishment is being sent to fix a few bugs for RR2. If enough get in trouble at the same time, they are required to add in a new feature like increasing the levels of the towers.

I’m not one to whine too much because I enjoy the game, even now. But we seem to be expecting much more than we’re likely going to get here. The fact that they haven’t done anything to the War system should be an indication of where resources are going, or rather not going.


People have been saying that for years. 

Well till now Flare managed to release a major update every year, give or take a few weeks.

They are definitely late this time…


Not the big deal.

update or no update no matter.


Come on, don’t be so sensitive. She was just making a joke. No harm in that.

There’s no need for safe spaces in here. We’re all grown ups. We can deal with jokes.

@GalaMorgane And when were the new Ninja Brackets established (e.g. 4.500 trophy threshold went down to 4.300 trophies), as I’m sure that 2 weeks ago the thresholds were the same and now they are changed but there’s no mention of it in the patch notes?

Thanks for addressing the Phoebe situation, shows you listen to us indeed.

Of course I can deal with a joke. But it is not necessary for somebody claiming to protect this forum by censoring it to make jokes that are very insensitive to people with epilepsy. It is a real thing and I would be very angry about this sentence if I had this condition.

It is very confusing to see these two sides of her. Maybe she is not interested at all in people. For example I am still waiting for an answer at what age kids are allowed to play RR2 and why there are different ages shown in Terms of Service and the different Appstores. I think it is very irresponsible of Flare and I am thinking about mailing this question to other parties if I do not get an answer here.

I don’t think it is okay when kids see in the Appstore they can play this game with 6 years but really are acting against Flares Terms of Service.

This is not nitpicking. If Flaregames or @GalaMorgane is not sensitive towards such things, somebody has to stand up and tell them they are wrong.