Game will not connect...internet is fine

Game will not connect. Says check my internet… Internet is fine…Have connection right now on forum… What’s up?

Same here. 

Huawei P10 lite - Android 7.0

I can connect, but when i start a raid it disconnects immediately all the time?:frowning:

@GalaMorgane@Nikko @flaretara@flaretara

Half hour now…Is there anyone out there @PaSte

We’re looking into it. Not sure what the problem is, but we’re on it.

@PaSte Thank you!!! You always fix everything super fast???

Same here!

Internet connection is fine, other games and websites is also working perfectly.

I’m on Windows 10 PC. More than an hour already trying and still nothing.

Issues sum up every time Pro-Event ends. There must be something crickey there. 

No Problems here with Samsung Note 4 at Android 6 and Austrian Carrier.

same here… why this game is so spoiled?

Orko you are correct! The pro league has brought so many issues to the game. Ugghhh

Hey there.
I’ve been unable to access my account for the last hour.


Earlier this morning I had repeated disconnects using matchmaker, but when I went to my favorites could play. This was on Android with a Galaxy S8.  A reboot made matchmaker work again.

Recently I have not been able to connect for about 15 minutes, but can get in now.

Might be time for @GalaMorgane to post an Official Announcement to help everyone know this is being worked on. One comment buried in a Bugs thread won’t be seen, and many other threads will be created.  Best to head it off.


Now connected but NO PROLEAGUE REWARDS?? The pro league seems to bring a lot of issues?

Hello guys,

Thanks for letting us know. We performed a server maintenance and everything should be back to normal now.


LOL, I didn’t have these problems but what the heck, I’ll like the post anyway  :wink:

Connection is indeed ‘back to normal’ but those issues and server maintaince performed caused many players not receiving PL rewards. Please check