Game will not connect...internet is fine

Game will not connect. Says check my internet… Internet is fine…Have connection right now on forum… What’s up?

I’ve also encountered all sorts of game connection problems in the past 2/3 days

some of my friends has the same problem, for the umpteenth time . flare i think thats the moment when you should finally start doing sth…

Probably FG’s doing maintenance after pro league ended, a very long maintenance. Try logging in again tomorrow

same problem here…cant connect although the internet is working fine…

It is very frustrating?

I have the same problem, instead of receiving pro rewards,everything has gone bad and the message about wrong conection is still displayed… anyone can help?


My stupid gold shield is due to expire. Got up early to finish an upgrade only to find this… and why does the GAME blame the internet. My connection is fine!!!

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Double post. Locking the thread.