Gameplay manual tab IN-GAME

It’s been discussed many times on here about the RR2 wiki that oPelle had been keeping up was the only way anybody knew how to do anything or what they should do.  With the retirement of oPelle from the game and the astonishing lack of info available to players from the game itself (it really shouldn’t be up to the players to have to make their own videos to explain to others how to do something), there is a dire need for a gameplay manual from the game itself.  If you buy an appliance or a car, there is an owner’s manual.  If you buy a piece of “put-it-together” furniture, there is an instruction guide.  I firmly believe it lies on the game’s developers or management to give us “instructions” on how to play their game!  Even Pac-Man had basic instructions on the console of the arcade game to tell you how to play it, and that wasn’t rocket science! 

RR2 has become a mix of games and strategies and not everyone catches on or understands.  My idea is for FLARE (not US, the players) to simply add a tab to the game, like when you click on the Player tab on your main castle screen- you see Friends, Instas, recent fights, etc.  There should be a tab marked “gameplay manual”, where when you click it, it opens up an in-game index of subjects, such as “Basic gameplay 101”, “How to play in the Wars”,  “Moving(/Tower Building/Fighting/etc) in the conquest”, “How to recruit”, etc.  These should be available IN-GAME, taking you to a separate “door” in the game, like when you click on the conquest button- NOT like when you click on the “forums” button and it takes you off-page.  Many people have pop-ups blocked and don’t bother to go further with it.  An “instruction manual” in the game is a MUST.  Why we don’t already have it astonishes me.  If not for the Wiki page, I would’ve never had the patience to figure it all out myself.  I’m the kind of person that thinks if someone (Flare) REALLY wanted you to use their product, they’d make it user friendly and tell you how to play it!   If they don’t want to be bothered by telling you how to play their game, it doesn’t sound like it’s worth investing your time (and money for those who do) into it.  GIVE US A REASON TO PLAY YOUR GAME!  If the wiki is not the official game guide by Flare, then I think it is their responsibility to create an instruction guide.  For some people, this game is like trying to assemble a bookcase from IKEA without the instructions…  If you’re trying to attract players to the game/keep players, I think this is pertinent to the future of this game.

Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion.