Games is closing in the middle of war!!!

I have been having this issue for iphone 5s, iphone 6s and now iphone X; the phone gets really hot and the game is keep closing itself. When I enter the game, just in the beginning of the game, while it’s loading the game, it throws you back to the home menu of my iphone. In the middle of the war, especially in the war event, the games closes itself and I am loosing my furies, loosing my chance to get war points to get chests from spoils of war. I have been playing this game for 2 years and I spent real money every month regularly, I purchase gems and items. I need urgent solution for this problem (not a help, solution please.) As I mentioned above, I am loosing furies, loosing my chance to get items and so. There is no way to attack again to the same player when the game gets close in the middle of your gameplay. Because you loose your fury and you get 0 (zero.) I hope I made myself clear. I also tried to get a screen record, however the game never closes. I don’t know how to proove this but you definitelt have some record in your database, you are able to see what happend, what is wrong with it etc. Thank you.

Solution? Switch to the device with more memory (PC, Ipad) if you need something truly immediate. The problem may also be in your devices battery or memory consumption (Rule of thumb is to shut down all of your background apps, disable the background app refresh and definitely avoid charging while playing). Such issues are device-based and can only be improved  slightly  by Morgan and his team dealing with memory leaks in their code (At this point it is normally neglectably small). 


P.S. For any code help you will have to wait for 3.9, as I doubt a new sub-version will be rolled out just for this issue (Given the amount of scrutiny and procrastination during Apple verification procedures)