Gargoyle defence?

Is it possible to defend a base only with gargoyle level 4? Are they quite effective and create the base a potential enemy?

Maybe also add some Froster to slow the opposite king?

Tell me what you think about this.



In fact, I have already seen some of those bases and a few of them have been quite devastating to me.


One thing I definitely wouldn’t do is using only gargoyles or gargoyles + 1-2 frosters per wave.

Why? Because then, the attacker can expect what awaits him and either decide not to attack you, or just bring ogres (yes, those tanky giants who can survive a lot of gargoyles and smash towers like flies), or mummies (yes, those ancient kings - or royal zombies? :wink:

Some “maximum path overlap” bases where gargoyles might approach your hero from 3 directions at the same time might still work to some extent, but then this may reduce the effectiveness of your tower placement drastically…


What can work out well:

Lots of gargoyles, 1 froster per wave, PLUS a handful of arblasters here and there, and some single other troops. 

Why? Because then you have at least 5 different troop types, so the displayed units preview will look relatively “normal” and most players might not think this is an almost pure gargoyle-base even when gargoyles are displayed as most used troop type.

And especially with arblasters in 2nd or 3rd place, ogres for tanking gargoyles become less effective. And even when the arblasters aren’t that many actually, the player will see them in the preview, know about the ogre’s weakness for piercing damage, and thus maybe bring no ogres.


Moved topic to “Towers Basebuilding”, as after all you’re asking for opinions on a base defending concept featuring gargoyles.

You can try it , gargoyles and froster only base but maybe only effective for king with 3.5k trophies below and you would need a certain base design for this waves type.I personally still hate gargoyle heavy base cuz I have out-dated hero gears from level 70 (now 79) so I have very low HP for my level and 8 gargoyles can take me down to 5% HP in few seconds.

As this is about gargoyles. How did everyone beat grotesque grotto 4? troops/spells/hp  Tell me if you used scrolls.


also what level did you need scrolls in dungeon?


I hate playing against gargoyles so yeah a base full of them would flatten me.

I agree with hero…king with more than 18-20% speed boost boots can wait the gargs and at the moment they are throwing the bombs, he can run away before got damage but your gargs, in the meantime, are dead…I’m speaking in regard to my experience…I used to have 5 waves full of garbs max level in the past…and they were quite ineffective to high level kings…yeah, maybe sometimes you could got the victory provoked more by a player’s mistake than a really powerful wave, but it is not so frequent…and the players learn your waves and timing of your waves :grinning:

Same situation with me. Have a base on my favorites list that is all gargs and 1-2 frosters per. Can get 100% victory half the time, and die really early the other half due to a mistake. My armor and pauldrins is horribly low for my lvl 70 hero. Keeping them on my favorites for when I get better armor or devise a better strategy to fight em.



Bolz, is there a delay with the gargoyal attack and the actual damage? When exactly can you ‘run’? Ive noticed something like that, but I dont use speed boots so ive never been able to actually get away so I was wondering if it was just a weird animation.

condor, if you see a lot of video on youtube you’ll see how it works. Yep, there is more o less 1 seconds from “targeting” and “shooting” by gargs. So if you have a 16% boost boots (like me) if you are not under frost you can pass throughout a gargs storm with blade storm active and get no damages. But if you have more than 20% you could go toward gargs storm and than turn 180 degrees without damage…but in the meantime the gargs shot their bombs…


But it is much easier to watch a video instead of explain the dynamic… :grinning:

As far as GG4 is concerned, despite having a fair amount of gargoyles it’s actually far from a really gargoyle-heavy base if I remember correctly… from looking at the GG4 preview screen, lots of mummies and ogres also in there, and some werewolf and arblasters and possibly other units, too. Also, no(t many) frosters there, making it easier to deal with the gargoyles. Plus, most of the path is quite linear, so bad time for gargoyles without much path overlap  and getting stuck behind mummies/ogres… also, as there’s few path overlap and very few piercing damage (except traps, which ogres destroy before going ahead, so traps don’t damage ogres), ogres can be used there to tank the gargoyles’ bombs. Plus the mostly linear path and many gargoyle and skull towers are perfect for cannons. Lack of barricades makes sonic blast more efficient with speed boosts… all in all not the toughest base. As I beated it about… well, quite some time ago (don’t even remember when actually, but might have been almost 2 months now), I don’t really remember about scrolling, but if then maybe 1 spell at most. I tend not to try most missions before I’m relatively sure I can beat them without scrolls (except ogre 5, which I had tried too early… :slightly_frowning_face:

Thus actually, I wouldn’t recommend GG4 as a design for gargoyle-based bases at all. GG3 was way more interesting… if it would have had towers in it… baam!


Noticed the gargoyle attack delay, too. If you get your timing right, you can retreat with your hero to avoid most or all of the damage. Trying around on your own base with a full 2 waves of gargoyles coming first and testing/training there a few times might help!

Though, when your scream isn’t ready and you’re frosted… well, then you better prepare for some massive damage! :grinning:


To sum up/agree on what some others already pointed out:

Gargoyles are one-shot. If an attacker manages to tank or dodge most of them, then your waves are quite empty with few other units left to hold up the attacker.

If, however, the attacker is not prepared (e.g. wrong equipment, assumptions, troops) for (that many) gargoyles, or just makes a mistake, then he might easily die (especially when combined with snake towers, frosters and maybe an ogre here and there), leaving you trophies and/or gems.

If I remember correctly, in another topic it was mentioned that there are two objectives your defense can aim for: 1. Holding up the hero to let time run out. 2. Killing the hero. If your base is built more for 2., then gargoyles are fine. For 1., they’re not so great.


Jason and other (sn1kt, mischreiber and so on)


Eh, for a lot of people seem so…we discussed a lot in another topic…weeks ago I opened a topic titled “Slow King”…  :grinning:

Flare destroy gragos power…

They good for low lvl throupy 3000±,

I wish they bring them back more power, now they just like fly that u kill eazly :slightly_frowning_face:

Was there a recent change/nerf to the gargs or are you referring to the nerf some time ago after the initial release of the monsters?

Been talking to the last nerf…

I still hate them, even with max heal they’ll still dunk on me. In theory now a max shield should work against them and the odd ogre swipe. Will be a few weeks until I max it though.


I hope they don’t increase them, if anything nerf them more. Like you said go anywhere near 3000 trophies and that’s all you see in bases.

I think they are fine the way they are. Sometimes they kill me sometimes i’m able to kill them…

Personally I think gargoyles aren’t too deadly now.

Use meat shields, speedboost boots and good timing to run away, swordrain, stun (recently won my own base several times with stun instead of heal equipped with about 25 sec rest time, which is better than what I achieve with heal

Also as already mentioned, they’re one-shot, so once they activate your bomb they’re dead, no matter whether they hit anything or not. Then the way is free instantly.

Moreover, when coming from straight towards your troops, I’ve already seen a (big) bunch of frosters devour a full wave of gargoyles before they were close enough to explode their bombs. So they are definitely killable! :slight_smile:

Currently I notice that many players are using waves of gargoyles to defence their base. Every day more and more players are starting to put them inside the wave and there is a reason for. 


Spells I use are sonic blast, heal and blade storm. I know that sword rain will destroy a complete wave of gargoyles, but when a base is well designed for gargoyles, even sword rain will not be able to whipe out all incoming waves, just because it takes too much time before swordrain is ready to be used again. 


I think the main problem is that gargoyles  are way too powerfull when used as a compete wave, especially the gargoyles waves with gargoyles level 4 or higher.


I tried several techniques, but none of them seem to work. I have wind boots and when a wave approaches I activate either sonic blast and blade storm just before they hit me and try to touch the gargoyles before I quickly run back and try to reach the next ones before the activated spell isn’t active any longer. A few of the gargoyles die, but whatever I try, I always take a lot of damage. Trying to run past the gargoyle wave doesn’t work, the hero always is slowed down when hitting a gargoyle and the ones that don’t die deliver their damage.


Not attacking the wave and leaving it to my troops means that they will be vanished by the gargoyle attack and I certainly will not be able to destroy the castle gate 100% any longer when a lot of troops are gone. This scenario happened to me a lot of times. Sure… my troops take out one or two gargoyles without even being hit, but the other gargoyles will definitely do too much damage to my troops to survive. Whatever troop I use, all of them are vurnerable to those attacks and that is unfair. Other troops have their strenghs and weaknesses against other troops, but gargoyles are just able to take out every kind of troop wave approaching them.  


Yesterday I tried to attack bases mainly defended by high level gargoyles. First I tried to neutralize the wave with the combination I wrote just a moment ago. While being damaged a lot, I activated the heal spell to regain some health. But very soon the second wave flew over the path and without spells active I just got killed without any chance to defence.


Personnally I think gargoyles are just overpowered, it just has nothing to do with good strategy and defence skills any longer. Players who are fortunate that they finished the dungeons before the elite boosts that made the levels too difficult are in advance too much. Like i said I notice a lot of players around my level that would be easily beaten suddenly are becoming too strong. Flare didn’t realize that those players don’t need to upgrade towers and other defending troops any longer. Just design a base that maxes out the support for gargoyles and there you go, a lot of players will no longer be able to raid 100%, even when those players are much weaker than the attacker.


Okay I could use a mummy to protect the hero, but there we go again. My mummy isn’t high skilled because I just are unfortunate that I didn’t finish those dungeon levels yet. I already beaten more than 50 bases in dungeon, but the elite boosts made the next bases almost impossible to beat without using a lot of scrolls So with the mummy my chances of raiding 100% decrease a lot, so that is no option.


I would be interested if there is a another way to neutralize a troop of gargoyles with my spell combination and without mummy.


Personally I would like that those gargoyes either would be nerved or would cost more morale points so that they become less effective against attackers. Like I said, it has nothing to do with defence skills and is certainly killing the fun of the game.

Yes, the Gargoyle is very strong. But in my opinion, they are not overpowererd. Yes, they kill me from time to time, but so does the Ogre. If you survive the first three to four waves, defences with mainly Gargoyles will be very easy. These first few waves will hit you pretty fast but after these waves there will be nothing left to take damage from apart from the towers.


I honestly really dislike your suggestion that they create a new way to neutralize a wave of Gargoyles with BS, SB and Heal. The beauty of this game is that there are so many combinations with their own advantages and problems. In the top levels, your combination is the most used one and if they add something there will be even more players only relying on those spells. If you dislike Gargoyles, just don’t attack them or change up your strategy.


Note: I’m a king in the 3600 range, it could be that you’re a higher level king and that Gargoyles are a problem in that range.

There isn’t really a perfect solution. Try looking for bases that use less gargs.


There was a period when I hated gargs, without a max mummy I would have to spawn a mummy knowing they would destroy it but it was still a good shield and was my tactic. Also as speed boosts increase, they became easier to dodge/ combined with a higher level heal you can avoid most and recover. Another spell which has improved is shield. you could try that too.

Speed boots 20% really make a difference but that requires ~ late 70 to lv 80 before you can get those.


Swordrain and Blizzard are good for taking them out and have advantages too against other units/buildings. If you avoid the waves then the base becomes quite easy as they loose all their units in that wave instantly.


Weirdly from about trophy range 3800 upwards there are less and less gargs. I guess because most King’s HP and speed are too high at that level so people stop using them as full waves but still good as the odd 1-2 gargs can wipe out supporting troops.