Gargoyle Nest = Epic Fail, Liars!

The Gargoyle Nest is supposed to be a bonus we fight for during the War Season!

But (Epic Fail), nobody wants it! 

I just checked of the top 10 players in the world, all of them currently had the boost, 9 of them it wasn’t showing up at all!  And only 1 of them had Gargoyle Nest showing up in 5th place!

Flare, if you’re going to make us fight for something, it should be something we want!

Now there’s a very simple way to improve if not fix this…


Currently the _ Knights who say Ni _ have the Gargoyle’s Nest Boost.  Now I have a Gargoyle Tower after some perking at 70k Health.  At the same time I have a Skull Tower right next to it at 55K Health.

With no Monks or Healing Towers in the path, and no units spawned to give it damage, If I hit them both from across the lane with Blizzard (so I know I’m not doing melee damage to either), it takes 3 Blizzards to take down the Skull Tower and only 2 to take down the Gargoyle’s nest. 

But they have the same exact weakness: 100% Weakness to Ice Damage.  And the Gargoyle has more Health so it should survive longer!  W.T.F.?!

So if you weren’t lying about the stats the Skull Tower would fall first!  But it doesn’t!

So first fix that. 

Then let’s see if you need to do more before the Gargoyle Nest is useful again.

We will do :grinning:

Thanks for the suggestion, stay around to see the change coming :slight_smile:

I like this guy!

Well he is a player, so he must understand this complaint

Gargoyle Nest has been buffed before to give much more damage, now they are as lethal as frost towers.

But they have done NOTHING to normal gargoyle towers which are one of the most useless towers,. In addition, they don’t deal constant damage, but instead spurt out at seemingly random moments? What idea is that?

I suggest buffing both Gargoyle Towers and Gargoyle Nests too, maybe an actual representation of their health would be helpful. Gargoyle Towers unboosted should definitely deal more damage, maybe Gargoyle Nests can have a constant stream of Gargoyles instead of having them at regular intervals? Then it may be more like a skull tower and more people will use them.


I’m on board!

Both Gargoyle Tower and Gargoyle Nest are more resistant to Blizzard now!


Thanks @FTB!