Gargoyle Tower

Flare Games has obviously been trying to get people to use the Gargoyle Tower via their new elite boost: Gargoyle Nest. 

But nobody’s really using the Gargoyle Tower even when they win the boost.  We have 5 cool War Boosts and one disappointment.  It should be comparable to the Doom’s Gate, but it isn’t even close!

Spawning three Gargoyle’s is almost nothing.  Often I destroy the tower before it spawns anything!  And usually whatever spell I’m using on the tower destroys anything it’s spawning. 

So I propose Flare does for the Gargoyle Tower what they did for the Barricade: Reduce the Gargoyle Nest’s Weakness from 100% to 50%.  Just the Gargoyle Nest not the Gargoyle Tower. 

Also I’d like the Gargoyle Nest to spawn Gargoyles constantly.  From the moment the battle begins until it’s destroyed. Not just when enemies are in sight.

-5 LoL


Laugh all you want, but I just checked out your base.  You have virtually no Gargoyle towers even though they are currently boosted in your alliance. 

So whether you’re too pig-headed to admit it or not, Flaregames has not made them enough of an asset to get you to use them even when they are boosted.

So I can see by your actions that you’re wrong and I’m right.  Laugh all your want.  Talking is cheap, and laughing is cheaper.

I like the constant garg spawning. That’s enough of a change imo.


I agree. 

If they gave me constant spawning I’d be totally happy.

How about the tower turns into one big gargoyle? +5


Battle Chess Style!

Why u always suggest OP things? It was really crazy the last skull tower boost with that bunch of gargs, imagine a continuously one.

I really wanna see you fighting a base full of Gargoyle Nest and see if you survive with a constantly gargoyles spawn…


LoL, if u face a tough base with some maxed out Gargoyle Towers at the next lane, the only viable thing that can stop the stream of gargoyles coming to ur army is Blizzard. Swordrain can do well but it can not harm the tower. And do I need to say Blizzard has its cooldown, and you even need to save them for Werewolf? I even feel Gargoyle Nest is a bit imbalance because Gargoyle Towers is cheap to upgrade and maxed one can survive 2 Blizzard hits just like max Skull Tower (Skull is more expensive, right?)

Oh please maerique,u even said virtually no gargoy nest doesnt mean my base dont have it.please just confirm it when u did raid my base.

And on top bases gargoy nest is certainly powerfull even only spawn gargoy when near troops or king,

So dont just think at your level base , all your suggestion work on high base.

Its reallt make me wanna laugh.

*double post


You have virtually no Gargoyle Towers even though you currently have the boost.  You yourself feel they are quiet useless no mater what you say.  Sorry it’s a fact.  If you disagree change your base.  Currently when I look at your base it is the 5th thing shown after both Blockade and Barricade.  If you thought they were more powerful you’d have them up in a more prominent position. 

i think you are blind… Dude look at top guys… All use gargoyle nest… can you please stop your stupid suggestions?

Hi Maerique, at my level (top 100 two days ago thanks to some pushing of RL, normally around top 300) Gargoyle Towers occur often and are probably one of the best towers to have. Just that at your level they might not be very good or usefull, doesn’t mean they arent. For example I don’t find the mummy or the pyro that good, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be at another level of the game.


If I’d have to rate the Garg boost, I would say that it might even be the most important warboost to have in your defense.


You actually made a rational and well thought out response. 

Argumentative and rude, but this is a step in the right direction for you. 

So I’ll give it to you.


That’s interesting.

I still like my idea about a stream of Gargoyles seems like a lot more fun! 

But who knows! 


No, just no. Imagine 14 maxed garg towers have a constant spawn of gargoyles, that would be 56 gargoyles coming at you every few sec lol. Think again.

?look ar my base? Is there blockade? I dont use blockade anymore since a long time, and for that gargoy nest doesnt appear in what it show its mean my barricade and spike level and amount higher than my gargoy

If i have gargoy nest 24/7 ,i will gladly have all my base change to gargoy nest too…

U just dont know how powerfull gargoy nest it yet u saiD it like u know alot of this game and on high level base

Please just stop suggesting thIng that u didnt even know alot yet U tought u know

Just see how many player disagree with your sugestion and stop be pig-headed

LOL -in

Vester is quite right, (although the maths is dodgy) 19 max garg towers, spawning 57 gargs constantly, on top of waves … no way could anybody raid with that, one wave full of gargs is only 8, 57 as a constant stream … unplayable, meet 4 or 5 max gargs towers at the top of a U and you will struggle to cope with the 12-15 they produce.