Gargoyle towers bug

The numbers don’t match with what’s displayed on the gargoyle towers.


I’ll compare it with a bomb tower for reference.


Attached herewith are pictures of my hammerstrike damage amounting to 22500.


Here’s a link showing how much health left on the health bar for the gargoyle tower and bomb tower after one hammerstrike.



The bomb tower, having close to 100k hp is correct. 22500 damage from hammerstrike, applying 100% weakness, means there should be about half gone.


The gargoyle tower, however, doesn’t seem to be accurate. Way more than half bar of the gargoyle tower is gone even though it has only 43% weakness to blunt.



Also, previously, I submitted a ticket to Flare, asking if it’s a bug that the gargoyle tower only spawns 3 gargoyles instead of 4 when an alliance has 120 fiefdom, as listed in the Wiki. Flare’s response is that they are not responsible for information in the Wiki page here:


Flare did not even confirm or deny if the gargoyle tower is supposed to spawn 3 or 4 gargoyles when an alliance has 120 fiefdom. Is this a bug or not?

I found this topic:
and that nerf happened 1 month after Gargoyle Nest boost was introduced 



Wow, nice digging! lol

Since it’s confirmed, then I’ll leave it like this:

The Number of gargoyles is now fixed for an alliance with 120 fiefdoms as you can see on this page here: Gargoyle tower Wikia page.

Thanks @Darkerion.


I’ve been asking flare for months. Maybe they need to make you a moderator instead ?

The original post on the discrepancy of damaged received still exists though, and flare still hasn’t answered.

flare failed in math  :slight_smile: