Gargoyle towers spawn less at max level? How does this make sense?

There seems to be a bug in towers. THE MAX gargoyle tower spawns less gargoyles than a lower tower. Same with poison tower? What is going on here and why did I upgrade to max? This must be a bug… makes no sense…?

Please explain? Is it a bug or a display error. Cannot be right that a max tower would spawn less?

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Hi Kuska,
Thanks for pointing this out to us. We will fix this in an upcoming Live Server Update. :rr2blacksmiththumbsup:

So there will be more Schizo-Gargoyles spawned in future? :smirk:

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Was this fixed in this morning’s Maintenance?

Not in this one, no, but it will most likely be in the next one.

This should be fixed now.

And now you castrated the donkey…