Gargoyle unit

Hello ,

So many times its already discussed about gargoyle ,

But i suggest to give boost for gargoyle unit , this is only unit which has no boost.


And then its power will be Blast twice.


Love this idea. We gotta do something to make the Gargoyle better

P.S. Move this to Suggestions and Improvements

?Yeah, may be moved it , but before, its also a topic for discuss.

There is one boost though, the insta gargoyles boost.

The problem is that its one of those “special” WarSeason boosts and it isn’t anything special.

Since they don’t give a rework to the unit, at least they should create one boost to make the unit useful.

Maybe a elite boost or something but not like blast twice. already if you have them at level 4 and forge them a lots in damage and speed. they are dangerous in defense. that happen I face some base full of gargoyle and when they blast oh my god they blast.

So something not too much OP. I don’t want to face base full of Gargoyle who kill you in a instant. Not fun to lose -40 trophy when you try to up.

Something like they bomb when they explode freeze your units for 3 seconds or when a gargoyle throw a bomb its a delayed bomb so if you are not lucky and your troops walk on it at the moment the bomb explode like 5 seconds later just too bad.

A elite boost or War boost fun but not too much OP