gargoyles like extra spell almost

 have just started using gargoyles with arbs interchanging boosted mummy with cannon . but so far its been surprisingly usefull especially since my attacking technique is not at blackbelt status so having 5-6 gargs rolling in can be usefull and at the castle gate the effect is like a forth spell slot of blunt to get ya over the line. but im wondering how others feel about ths as I havn’t red too much on the gargoyle attack wise but have encounted it plenty as part of defence waves

 Add !! heavily in ya armour and it speeds the power up process but as we all shud know that to gain a little you got to loose a little.

is the garg obsolete at hi level game play


Obsolete for sure at lvl 90+ gameplay; great for attacking at lower levels. Use them wherever you find yourself stuck…

Yes Gargoyles are good in attack on low-mid levels gameplay because dps of enemies is low because there aren’t so much defensive troops or strong towers, so gargoyle is able to suicide without so much problem.

Then at high level gameplay gargoyles lose their effectiveness due to dps that increase and don’t allow neither the chance to kill itself because waves are huge and towers are a lot so it’s preferable choose some other troops in this case.

Btw, just a thought that struck me right now - has anyone had success with using shield spell in combination with gargoyles to make them survive longer? With a max shield spell (+4k health), they might be able to survive a lot longer than usual, potentially enough for launching their bomb? 

Still, their effectiveness at the top would be questionable as it’s hard to predict or control their behaviour during a raid, and after all there’s no boost for the gargoyle, but it might help to make them useful a bit higher than usually said/thought. 

I always prefered Ogre at mid-low level. Especially stunning Ogre. They costed 3x as much, but lasted 10x as long.