Gargoyles should exclusively Target Towers and/or the Castle Gate

Gargoyles are virtually useless on offense cause they keep blowing themsevles up on no value targets.  And they just aren’t worth the morale. 

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen them blow themselves up on a blockade doing virtually nothing to it!  So annoying!  To make Gargoyles a playable offensive unit they should just be programmed exclusively to target towers!  They’d be great for jumping the path and hitting a tower of Firebolt towers shooting over one of the lanes!  Then suddenly a unit useless on offense, could become a very useful offensive unit!

Some players used to raid with gargoyles in the past and, with skill and good timing, did exactly that: Using gargoyles to take out across-path-overlap towers. So it already can be done…


One strategy that I know of, is timing the gargs to approach the area when a defending wave approaches on the other lane (or some ranged units camp out there). Then the gargs will approach the hostile units, bringing the tower into their targeting range. Then, the attacker uses a spell (e.g. high lvl firestorm (bigger range), or blizzard or swordrain, …) or even own troops to kill the hostile troops, so the gargs search for a new target and hit the tower. 


Also, if used wisely, a few gargoyles can take out a whole hostile wave within just a second, so preventing them from attacking hostile troops could very well make them less useful. 

This is especially true, as many ranged troop types could then savely shoot your gargoyles to death before they even reach any allowed target.