Gaspar feedback (Royal Guardians)


Thoughts? Discussion about his abilities? Let’s collect it in this thread here :slight_smile:


Not many have Gaspar, but from what I’ve seen, it’s by far the best of all the Guardians. He can take out Phoebe with no problem!


Yes, that’s his job :wink:


when i’am a lucky guy i find gasper in a chest ?

then i write the something about the gameplay and like/dislikes … 

I’m already excited and don’t want to wait ???


yes I heard about Gaspar,“more hp of target more attack so makes it beast killer”.but as I said rarely gets guardian/pal it in chests.when i get random guardian mostly trusty in chests which is not useful to me and Gaspar i didn’t even got it so far,I think judging by less talks of it,may be  2-5% people hv Gaspar!


Please tell me the conditions of royal flush pink smoke soon.

I would like to ask how to raise the success rate of his magic trick.


Beasts are weak so i don’t see the point of the guardian (i know a lot won’t agree but it’s my opinion). Donkey best guardian by far. Trusty 2nd position


Has anyone got Gasper through free guardian chests which are available daily.

Is it possible to get it from free guardian chests.


I got him in a free chest. 


Yes, a good amount of players that got Gaspar, got it that way.


Still no Gaspar for me. I will continue open Guardian chest. My collection is not complete. the % must be so much low


Me too :wink:


Just now got Gaspar in gaurdian chest. It’s truely a beast killer. Thanks flare❤️. 


Every things about Gasoar is perfect except that to level him up to just 2nd level you need 10,000 pearls which is crazy. I’m okay with its rareity but please decrease the no. of pearls upgradation.


 Gaspar can’t kill Phoebe if Phoebe got howl-attack(Boosted Werewolves) !? ?


Gaspar has a 33% chance to kill Phoebe whether he is boosted or not. You may have just been unlucky when facing Phoebe


I see 33% (Royal Flush )… it’s not decrease 100% beast’s blood (boosted: 30%, not boosted: 70%).

I’m using google translate…

 Sorry for my English.



The Gaspar Royal flush special ability is  NOT  a “chance” to kill the beast.

It’s in fact a percentage of the target max HP, which will be dealt as normal damage to the current target.

Official Video screenshots:


Gaspar is a good royal guardian , but due to its cooldown time it is almost useless .You can’t use it 2 or 3 times .

 We  generally use pals , when we are in trouble .So if we use this pal once  , then we will be able to defeat the beast at the right time , but if we increased its use 2 to 3 times , then we won’t be able to use it properly at the time of beast ( so waste of time in killing that beast ) .

Moreover the donkey makes more damages as I am able to use it thrice in a war which makes almost 4000+ damage each time  (We can use it thrice , so total it makes 12000+ damages ) as compared to Gaspar which makes just 5000+ damages ( We can use it only once , due to cooldown )  .Also its ( donkey ) moral boost qualities makes it on to the top of each & every royal guardians that Flaregames has provided in the game .& if we use it thrice , it will be available at the right time to the players , to defeat the beast  at the time .

So Donkey is the best , & Gaspar is worst guardian that was made by Flaregames.

I don’t know why they are wasting their time in making such a useless guardian .


is there anyone knows the meaning of blue light after gaspar attacked?