Gate Keeper (GK)

Dear Flaregame developers,

After your change reducing protection you just have made some GK weaker and some even stronger. 

I think i have solution which solves most of the problems like:

  1. Too strong GK comparing with base strength

  2. Most using Perseus as GK

  3. Immediate swipe of the whole army


i suggest to slightly lower Medusa’s Gaze parameters, I.e.:

  1. Duration to 6 seconds

  2. Damage multiplayer to 200%


I would love to see other heroes be as useful as Perseus as a GK. It’s possible to do it right now, but it’s mostly because damage reflection was thrown way out of whack in June. When that gets fixed it’s going to be much harder again, and besides the novelty of having a hilariously good Hercules GK (looking at you @choka!), perseus still has all the natural advantages for GK.

I don’t hate the idea of nerfing Perseus, because that’s probably more feasible than re-working every other hero, but I don’t like nerfs in general and people who take perseus to war would be hurt by it for no reason.

So here’s my proposal: 

  • Return to GK defensive stats being 50% of hero stats. Let’s make that switch and see how the 75% cap works. Maybe it needs to be lower, maybe it doesn’t. It seems fine to me.
  • Give all GKs a base 40/50% physical resist (at max level). This makes superforged shields worth less (not worthless) because it’s just wasted points, and makes non-shield bearer heroes more viable as a GK. It’s also a freakin stone statue, it can be kinda immune to getting whacked with swords.
  • Put a cap on LOH for GK. 20,000 seems like a reasonable cap to me, but it very well might have to be lower.
  • Figure out what’s going on with area damage. If there’s a bug, fix it.I know this is easier said than done.  I LIKE  that area damage does something, so I’d hate to just see it turned off. It should do something, every perk should. It seems like it’s doing something unintended right now, though. I also like that there are ways to force a certain play-style. If you know that a GK has area damage, you don’t use melee troops. It forces you to adapt. I think that’s cool. If you know a GK has very high fire resist, you don’t use phoenixes. That type of strategy is cool and should always be encouraged.
  • Finally, add multiple new levels to towers and barricades. The GK should be the cherry on the sundae, not the whole dessert. GKs should be easier to kill (but not necessarily easy! The best out there should still be a challenge), and defenses should be much more difficult. 

There’s def a bug with area damage and DR - with some high lvl GK’s my own damage reflect cone is constantly showing that I’m reflecting (receiving damage) damage from somewhere- it doesn’t even flicker - just permanently on when I get close to them! 

I like the other proposals - and think that petrify is too strong ability for Perseus (think I’m only on lvl 12 power and it’s already 8 seconds or something!  When you look at stun for Athena for example - its pathetic in comparison.

Was also a bad design choice to give Perseus that mirror shield; no wonder 99% of players over 10k trophies use him. 

The dr fires whenever you take damage. The visual display doesn’t mean anything (except the direction it’s pointing in). 

And perseus is OP with or without a mirror shield. He has great health, damage, and weapon speed. He has a shield. He has a power that’s effective as a GK and effective when cast at the start of engagement. 

I really like the give all statues a physical resistance, and that LOH should be capped not at 25% but around 20k  personally I have 22k on my Perseus and would like to go higher :slight_smile: . Would be sad to see offensive Perseus nerf.

I hate to see nerf to Persues.

If some players have problem with killing immortal Peruses. Just remove life on hit perk from Peruses (defensive statue) instead tinkering or nerfing Perseus spell.( or better just let ncient defenders cast their spell only once

All those who are advocating the idea of nerf should remember what FG has done it in the past(haven’t the learned what happened to Athena? Seriously stop asking for nerfs .Come on think about it before even suggestion such preposterous idea,Fist of lighting is a joke Should be the most powerful spell according to its description but despite being a lighting based spell.It barely even damages a fully upgrading  nyxs tower)

There are so many nerfs already in the game for no reason and now lets target poor Perseus too .After Nerfing Persues just lets nerf Hercules,then Arinande ,Cadmus,Promethues. Wow  I am never amused to hear such things.( I still have no idea why Athena and Ajax were nerfed in the first place.Now FG will Nerf Persues too.Great just great)

the problem is gatekeeper, not Perseus

I completely agree with @HOLYDIVINE, stop asking for nerf for the heroes!!  the solution is to remove the damage area to the gatekeeper, moreover if a gatekeeper does not die you can still win the attack, but the gatekeepers with area damage “cheat " they destroy the whole army and the attack fails for a” real bug “and not a” bug "like that of the forge

Are you having an easier time picking one corner and staying in it?

I attacked you last night, I put the gatekeeper in a corner but the units taken by a suicidal mania went on him and the others were all destroyed by the chaos gate, only a trebuchet worked, luckily I had a lot of time otherwise the attack would have failed. If you want I’ll show you the video where a whole army is destroyed between a mania of suicide and a chaos gate

That’s how you do it though. You bring a big army to the gate and pull the gk over and enough get through.  It was exactly the same a year+ ago when the GK wasn’t worth any points and nobody even bothered to try to kill them. 

True… With the VP points/cups you get for killing the GK is less when compared to breaking the gate. If possible, kill the GK or move on to the gate… Most of the GK in the top alliance are high LOH combined with Chaos gate…

There is no point is asking FG to stop giving blessings to top leagues/asking to nerf other heroes… For a fact, FG doesn’t listen to players who are from NON-TITAN leagues…

With tis kind of insane LOH, it’s really not possible to kill the GK even with massive armies(Summoned with Ariadne) without using invocations… For a fact, I am not able to go higher than 14k LOH for perseus with 5* bronze items… I am not ready to forge above 5* Bronze with the Forge still having BUGS and waste important resources as am still developing… Lucky for people, who forged and got expected results. I insist there be a cap on the LOH, else 22k LOH + 125% attack speed and Area Damage will kill huge armies in a single slash… Making changes will definitely make the game fair…

This isn’t even remotely true. They listen to good ideas and usually ignore bad ideas. Sometimes they listen to bad ideas too. 

Who did they just make a mod? 

@dumpster I am surprised that you are even supporting the idea of nerf.

Remember Athena or Ajax. if that does not to remind you how much FG loves to nerf things then I don’t know.

I have some good cadmus or even Ajax that wipe out my entire army.So I juwt focus on Gate to finish the raid.

Instead for asking for nerfs it is better That FG shod rewirk with some of the heroes make them little better.

Promethues,Ajax,( they both need lot of work)even Athena , Achilles’s or Jason spell should be modified

I will not support the idea of nerf as nerfing will never solve this issue.

Problem lies with Area damage perk and massive life on hit perk on statues.

Ajax become useless against Gate keeper as now everyone from low level to high level is providing max physicak tesistence to Gatekeepers.

I think FG alraedy got lot of homework to do before they intriduce new content in the game 


Did you miss that part? I then went on to list some suggestions that might help that would avoid nerfing Perseus. But good reading comprehension ? 


and the fact that you guys struggle against GKs isn’t the only issue here! (Some of your struggles are player error, btw…) The other issue is that Perseus is better than other heroes as a GK.  There are other heroes who are also pretty good, and I’d argue that any hero with a shield can be decent, but Perseus has all the natural advantages, which is why 99% of players use him. That’s a design flaw.  It’s not the biggest problem with the game right now, but it’s a design flaw. One solution to that problem, like it or not, is to modify Perseus. For example, he could lose some of his health bonus and gain an equal amount of leadership. That wouldn’t really be a nerf to the hero, just a rebalancing, but since leadership has no effect on your GK it’s a targeted nerf to Perseus as a GK and starts to make other heroes more viable by comparison. 

it should be a design goal of the devs to have all heroes make somewhat viable GKs, and not have a handful who are clearly better than others, and one who is far superior.

@dumpster I like this idea of rebalancing life->leadership, or other. It maight move Perseus more to defensive mode.

My proposal about Medusa’s Gaze was aimed at equalizing Defence ability of heroes. It is quick and easy to implement. You can also strengthen all other heroes. BTW: I could not see any real proposal apart from @dumbsters ones. 

What FG did last time was general nerf of GK, which was not actually nerf, but just making loh and DR more important than fire, lightning, … protection. 


rebalancing area damage solves part of the problem of all gatekeepers, but if you hit only Perseus the problem with other gatekeepers like Ajax remains the same, indeed we will have an unnecessary hero as a lost that would add to the long list of useless to use if you wants to win an attack, but maybe “someone” wants just that and that is to eliminate the valid heroes and to have only losers heroes to steal the gems from the people

What ate you talking about?

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