Gate Keeper Loss = chance to steal item

How about to bringing some balance to the game by giving winning players a small chance to steal a gate keepers items.   The chance to steel could be minimized by an evolving stat for the defender and increased by an evolving stat for attackers.   This would encourage players to attack more and add another degree of variability to the game.  It would also make people choose the GK carefully.

This would be Hilarious ???

I don’t want to lose items from gatekeeper too.

Jokes aside, I don’t know if it is a good idea to let players steal items from Gatekeeper as every gatekeeper is unique due to its items 

Understand the concern but Perseus with Mirror is almost unbeatable.   People would have the choice.  Do I use my most Uber hero to protect my gate or do I focus on other strategies to strengthen my defense.   I think if people can get past the “hey you stole my item” snowflake moment they would see this would be good for the game.

Every single gk is killable with a 12 gem Tartarus invo. 12 gems for a unique or nicely forged Titan item is a steal!

maybe if they made GKs so tough they couldn’t be killed with invos…

i actually think this idea is fun as heck and I fully support it

Fair point on the Tartarus Invo.   At first it would be painful but after a while it would balance out I think.  Maybe The higher level or rarer the item the less chance to steal but still a chance.


Stun, potency, cooldown, frostbite are the main usefull tool to kill any tough GK. Some of them really tough but with practice you can kill them. 

Make sure you have maximum amount of cooldown and stun on your heroes and try to filp Gk faced towards gate and give a chance (all units)to attack from back side of the gk.Need some practice tho. 

“Units” your personal choice but go with units which can fire from distant becz some gk have very high loh. With every hit makes him immortal.

There are probably a million reasons why this won’t happen, but it would be hilarious 

Maybe stealing is a little too punishing, but I like the idea (perhaps) of gaining a copy of one of the GK’s Titan or Unique items if you manage to find it in a very rare Titan Chest in the Vault. Thoughts?

No please don’t even think about it.

Gatekeeper are only unique aspect of this game and provides real challenge. Defenses are so easy even with blessings.

If anyone can steal the items on gk then there is no point of refining items 

As anyone who haven’t invested time and money in refinement can steal those items 

I still think it would be fun! I like the idea of making it *super* rare to happen. You’d have to kill the gk, which can be tough, and then get lucky on top of that. 

Do you want someone can gain a copy of your refined items for free?

On which you spent so much wisdom and gold. Or super hard to find cursed item which we use on gks?

If they can kill my gk and it was rare on top of that? Sure!

i reserve the right to change my mind based on any future nerfs/tweaks to GKs, but with the current difficulty I think that sounds awesome. 

Remember, i raid a lot and kill 99% of the GKs I fight. So I’d be getting lots of loot as well. 

Exactly an exploit that can be misused by few players(mostly active players)

Gatekeepers are not that challenging as they were before new levels were introduced.

I can also kill 99% gatekeepers in the game for rest one percent I can use Tartarus invocation???

Or you must 100% without invocation to have a super super rare chance …

To be honest, I am super super against this idea. I can’t imagine the “stealing” (I’d quit the game instantly), but even the “get a copy” would make me quit the game. Forging is the only reason why I am playing this game.

What if you could steal gear from the gk in the odyssey?

or even like a boss rush mode, with no towers, just a massive gk to fight? And you can steal its loot. It would be procedurally generated, so probably not as good as the best stuff players make, but it could be a chance to win some refined or unique gear. And the chance to fight GKs besides Perseus!

I don’t care if you can steal or have a copy of “virgin” items (e.g. uniques without refine). But I am totally against stealing/taking a copy of any customized item. I am fine if someone plays lottery and wins billions, but I’d be sick if someone play lottery and wins the control of someone else’s business. You see what I mean. Back to the discussion, as long as the said item is not a refined item (or a uberforged item in the old forge, smth that requires a lot of investment), I think that it’s fine. If it can be a refined item, then for me it’s simple: I’d delete the game. There are so many things that need to be fixed before spending an iota of energy on this (sick) idea.

that is a point…

what if it would work differently: e.g. after each fight you can rate the gk from 1=easy to 10=ultra strong and if a player can make more than a certain amount of GK-kills in half a year he is rewarded by one out of three suggested items of which he/she voted a 9 or 10. so for everyone not more often than once half a year if actively played. (or longer?)

and the overall rates of GK could also be some kind of ranking and visual to everybody? 

something like this not just “ultra rare and random”…

So even a procedurally generated refined item, the way equipment for odyssey GKs is created now?

i can also understand this…

what about: instead getting a copy, you only get shown what the stats are so have a goal to work on? but it would also reveal some secrets and combinations which has been discovered on the hard run by some players… 

That’s not nearly as fun as stealing loot!

i like loot