Gatekeeper Hero Balancing


So there’s quite a lot of GKs due to the recent 5.0 changes - the goal of this thread is to specifically talk about what it would take to make Heroes worthwhile GK.

Before we get too deep into though - I think we should also decide upfront as a community.

Should ALL Heros be able to be good gatekeepers. (Maybe it’s not the designers intentions that every / any Hero be able to protect your town. Perhaps some are specifically ‘raiders’.)

My personal opinion is yes. I think every hero should have the raw potential to become a worth while gatekeeper. I think many players have a Favorite hero and thematically making them your defender is a way to personalize the game and potentially stand out.

In my view there are 3 things that make Perseus & Ajax capable GKs, that the other Heros lack in some form or another.

  1. Their powers are very useful.
  2. They reliably use their powers.
  3. They have a shield slot that allows an extra piece of (defensive) equipment.

Hercules –
On initial inspection, Hercules should be a pretty good gatekeeper. He gets a good mix of abilities - increased health, increased damage, attack speed and LoH but his power just isn’t that great when he’s defending. It doesn’t hit enough things - doesn’t deal enough damage. Coupled with lack of shield - it takes a lot of work to get his defenses up. It would probably take 2.5x the investment, and he would still only be 80% as effective as Ajax.

Prometheus –
Actually I have a secret desire to make Prom a murdering GK. (It would take a lot of work … and 10x more expensive than an Uber Ajax but I have a theory of how to do it.) Honestly the biggest problem with Prometheus is his lack of health, in addition to not having a shield (low defenses). His Power doesn’t deal enough damage or provide enough protection to make up for his lack of health. Like Hercules, the only time I have trouble with a Prom GK is when I’m attacking someone 20 levels over me and their spell is significantly more powerful vs my level.

Perseus –
(perfection incarnate)

Ariadne –
She gets no shield. Several of inherent abilities are not very good as a GK and her power is very unreliable. Apparently the troops she summons depends on the next ‘wave’ - so depending on how fast or slow the attacker gets to her can change what she summons. She does often use her power - so that’s a good thing.

Odysseus –
I actually used Odysseus as my GK for while (he is my favorite and out of protest to all the Perseui GKs) and I ran into this really weird … feature? I tested my own defense using Odysseus. As an attacker his power insta-killed everything (faces were melted - orphans were created, it was awesome).
I get to my GK and my army swarms him as he casts Hydra. I think “No you id**ts!”; but, nothing really happens. My troops lose maybe half health. So it seems like many powers in general are nerfed as a defender - which is why Perseus and Ajax are so premier- the effectiveness of their powers are not based on the damage they deal. Aside from that - Odysseus like all the other dual wielders suffers from really low defense.

Additional Observations -

So in typing all this out … it seems like the Devs are actively trying to prevent GK from killing attackers. Their goal seems to be GKs are time sync. All damage oriented powers are ineffectual (or at least highly reduced) on GKs. Frostbite is no where as near effective on my GK as it is when my hero attacks.

So perhaps that needs to be the next community decision. Should a gatekeeper be able to 1shot an attacking hero with their power? Should killing the hero and not just being ‘unkillable’, be a valid GK strategy?



I’d love to see more variety, and like you imply, it would involve work on the part of the team to “customize” each hero’s abilities as a GK. Jason should use his power when he’s low on health, not when he encounters enemies. “Glass Cannon” heroes like Prom should run around avoiding the main force of the army and pick away at it. Ariadne and Cadmus should be given better control over the units they summon. Etc…

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I would love to see more viable GK options, but to do so would require major changes to the heroes other than Percy/Ajax.
I said a while ago maybe uniques should have a 2nd ability that are active when the hero using it is the GK. It might be a way around it, but items would have to compete with Percy’s mirror shield, so good luck on what needs to be done. Maybe if the DR perk was made standard rather than a cursed/rare perk, it might help the ability to find it and refine it to other heroes etc.
When forging came out it naturally made the non-shield heroes less effective than their shielded counterparts due to refineable slots. This is equally or even more relevant when considering the GK. Maybe a non-shield hero as GK should be given an extra 2 slots such as another weapon slot? It wont be easy to shift the balance here.


@dumpster sums it up nicely.

But I expect that there would be many complaints when heros step up to GKs and get splatted. I too think going full offense - should be a viable GK option.

Actually I made a similar recommendation to the ideas thread a month or two ago. To summarize : 2 Handed weapons have their base damage increased by 40% and have a base of 3 perks - with a max of 6 refined.
Dual Weapons are split apart - and their damage is reduced by 40-50%. Dual wielders receive a 2nd weapon equipment slot.
(The biggest winner would be Ajax as he wields a 2hander and a shield - but it sounds like he could use some love).

In regards to Adriane & Cadmus - what if there was a separate upgradeable troop slot in the Guardhouse. You could specify specifically the troops that get summoned by Cadmus & Adriane.