I know a lots of this topic was made over time but tonight was enough. Enough is enough. During my Oddysey on 25 islands. 22 was Perseus. Some with Mirror Shield. 2 was Artemis and 1 was Hercule

Don’t tell me Perseus,Hercule and Artemis are the only 3 possible Gatekeeper in the game. I don’t know developer cannot boost the others or make them more useful. Very annoying to be honest see Perseus everywhere.

Achilles maxed Shyx don’t do anything good? or Ariadne maxed no? no Heroes on 12 can be good other than this 3?

if on world map we got only Perseus well I can understand. If during Odyssey we must also see only Perseus. My god that’s annoying.

Ajax cannot do is whirlwind to destroy the entire army? Diablo 2 Act 5 with Guardians. Will make him more good for Gatekeeper

Jason cannot by example wait his HP drop at 10% and use his power to regain 50% HP

Athena why not use his Fist of Power in large area that will stun everything for 5 seconds

I think some Gatekeeper Heroes need some improvement. What you think?

First of all the Odysseys, probably take a copy of what is out there… so the % is similar to what you encounter in regular maps. Make’s it easier to have viable maps on those islands, and set the difficulty, based on some on-going difficulty. It’s a setting, which I tend to agree… if you want to change that, you may do so in lower difficulty Odysseys. Those 10-11-12 skulls have to be difficult. If you make those easy… well, let’s just call it a quit.

No one said that Perseus is “the best” GK. But he has several advantages to begin with. Ajax is also a pretty good one, if you set him up correctly. Hercules in my opinion is only good in the early levels of the game. So having said that, if you look at Perseus, he has all the right advantages in his given talents, except of speed… all the others are a good thing for GK. Just because we are bored to see them, doesn’t mean it’s bad. Im glad most people make wise choices, based on what they see, it shows progress… other than doing what they want, for example setting Prom or Jason (not properly setup). So here is by elimination why Perseus is chosen over others, and its not a bad thing…

  1. You eliminate all shield-less heroes… its 2 less resistances, and physical is a MAJOR part of the GK… that’s out of the window, unless you spend your slots to build up physical.
  2. Cadmus/Helen has CD - Athena has stun 
  3. Mirror shield is a good start to build him, so that rules out Achilles and Ajax.

You can build up Cadmus if you want, it’s not like he is a bad GK, but you already start at a small disadvantage. Personally I love Achilles, he would make a great GK, but he lacks health, and DR would be a pain to make. Ajax has a small advantage over physical, but this can be overturned in the long run.

Let’s face it, as it is, the game is set so that your purpose is to get to GK and beat him… it’s what everyone is looking forward, especially in wars. Will I get an army, is he going to be tough, will my powers be enough, or will my raw damage take him down? Especially the first time you go at him, is crucial… a 2 setup GK with different elements, would actually be the best possible strategy at wars, as I have found out, that people need powers/units to take down tough GK, and it can’t be easy to setup an all around GK.