GayRevolt Worldwide ; Join Us!

Just putting it out there that we are recruiting… Join and let Us work towards being in the top 100 before the summer… Haha… Wishful thinking maybe but join us for the long Run! One day we will be there.

I hope you make it, good luck :grinning:

my religion is against gays but I say **** that, I think there is nothing wrong with it, I wish you the best of luck

Pretty sure this is a troll as this is his only post…

might be but who knows

Sorry but why do people feel the need to Judge or give opinions about the sexual preferences of another person…?


Apatriksson, good luck with your goal! I see you have 10 members already, it will be a challence to get the job done this summer…but hey, just go for it :wink:

I agree

Just trying to advertise the Alliance in this forum:) Everyone is free to join, or not! We don’t discriminate. It is all in good fun! No need to make alot of fuss about! Thanks Revolters for the support… And yeah, top 100 before summer, Wishful thinking, I know, but Maybe, just maybe… He he… :wink:

I give you guys my full support for whatever its worth.  Go GayRevolt!!!

I moderated a certain post in this thread. On a different note: Good luck with your Alliance.


My tone was ironic and not serious, hope this feelings “passed” to you :slight_smile:


Many people made a forum account here to advertise for their alliances, I don’t see a reason why to think that he’s a “troll” just because he has 1 post only. He said nothing bad or “trollish” on  his post, he just supports a gay alliance, is that bad?

Lol, Bladestorm reacted to an “offensive” post, which was already deleted by Jona before you read it.

how do you know

guess i missed my change…calling your alliance a name like this is the best advertisement you can have…lol… :grinning:

Just a guess. :slight_smile:

No, it is not bad just IMO very trollish, trying to incite a response with a unquie name. They did get that response that got deleted shortly after.

I guess I was wrong, as his alliance is level 7 with 10 players so congrats to you and keep it up!

Good to hear and good luck to you guys. I hope you make it up the leader boards!