Gear Level 120+

Has anyone upgraded uber gear to be 120 (supposed max) yet? We were told that uber gear can be upgraded forever so my second question is: has anyone passed level 120 with their uber gear?

Do you mean like 110 then +10 or like any item level but +120? That gotta cost millions of pearls since just 10% success chance after +20

The item level remain fixed to 120 as soon as you reach it, the upgrades instead go up infinitely that is different. (+5 +10, etc)

Please allow me to hijack this thread a lol bit. If I have UNLIMITED gems and pearls, the best perks would be Sworddrain, Blizzer and Bladestorm. Since I can upgrade my gears infinite so I can raid any top base. Am I right or wrong?

On bladestorm?Nah, i’d go only for Blizzard and Sonic Blast that oneshot everything if i had unlimited gems and pearls xD A super mega blizzard that oneshot ogre and towers lol.

Better Blizzard 2 in 1(troops and towers), than Swordrain only 1 thing (troops).

I would love a blizz perk that one shot kills skull and garg towers lol

I give endless pearls and gems to people that rubs my belly


Why not Bladestorm? Since there is no different in damages if you have UNLIMITED rocks. Hammer would beat Sonic blast in term of cool down. Bladestorm has long lasting and cool down effect than Sonic. Swordsman has the biggest range too and it does able to take down buildings. What am I missing?


Hi, I got a couple of 120+10, 2 with blizz perk :grinning:

Lol you’re not seeing the big picture, unlimited pearls = unlimited damage! Meaning Blade Storm would be 5 seconds of pure 1 touch K.O. destruction!

If we’re talking theoricaly, I’d take Blade Storm, Blizzard and Firestorm (4.5 range, 4s of rampage! much more efficient than Sword rain :grinning: