gear now have more less pearl

  dear, flaregames i just see my new uber gear with old uber gear my new uber have 104 amount of pearl when melted , and my old one have 140 lol 

i think this happens becoz that stupid ninja please ninja is ninja but dont event decreased amunt of pearls melted gear , i and other king have been spent alot of money on blacksmith i hope u understand we need justice not liars and u not saying to us if u have decreased amount of pearl from gear what a pitty you think were kid that dont know what master hide from us lol were not kids , and i know ur decreaseing amount of pearl becoz of u keep the balanced from ninja event

my conclusion : with or without ninja our pearl  will have same amount or maybe more less becoz of ninja , bring back amount of pearl melted like efore ninja !!!

I don’t know if the pearls were reduced with the ninja event but yeah it seems the pearls are reduced or they put in random values for the uber items.



this is seriously bullshit its a noose on free to play people. cant get much more retarded then to cut pearls for blacksmith and screw over everyone who invested gems into it too…

This only apply to gears obtained/bought during event as far as I know

the same happend to me yesterday, with a item that i won and it wasnt a uber item.


The amount of pearls you receive should not have been changed.

This amount depends on the rarity of the items, and its perks as well.

I don’t know how the exact calculation is made, but it should be the same as before.

Alysea as u can c above screenshot posted by EvilBert, new gear with same repeated item but better than previous gear, old gear has more pearl then newer one… I am too facing same problem Alysea… Nowadays items don’t have good pearls value…

Flare must solve this problem…

The one with the higher level is also the one that gives fewer pearls, I don’t see an explanation for that .-. 

I observed the same thing. Pearl reduction on recently acquired gear.

Pearls are solely related to the gold value. With my blacksmith slots (5) i know the pearl value the second
i get the item let’s say in CoF: if it is worth 400k, i will get 40 pearls for it.

In this case the gold value of the 2 uber items differ a lot (we don’t know why), which leads to the difference
in pearls.

You may want to confirm this with developers because many members myself included have noticed a sharp drop in how many pearls are offered for melting items from uber chests. And this is completely unfair to us paying customers who buy gems and spend them on uber chests hoping to at least get some pearl value for the items if nothing is useful.