Gear types

Gears in royal revolt has several types by its colors, but i want to know which is rare, epic etc since in the accomplishment quests, there it says fully equip heroes with gears which are rare or better, and epic or better but i don’t know which is which because it’s not detailed in the game.


So please add that information in game. thanks.

I think its to entice you to buy gems. I noticed that when more powerfull items are shown half the time they cost gems I upgrade my gear when I can and have been changing colors. haven’t noticed what would be rare or epic but I do see my scale getting closer to completion slowly.

I think the blue ones are rare and purple items are epic .

Yellow ones bring the most gold when selling, as far as I found out.

Yellow - Legendary

Purple - Epic

Blue - Rare

Green - Uncommon 

Gray - Common


Yellow > Purple > Blue > Green > Gray

thanks :wink:

is poison sword better or fire sword?


Maybe you open new topic.

For my oppinion, Fire is better but still isn’t good enough.

Thanks. I just opened a new topic on this. Be sure to check it out.