My alliance discussed few weeks ago about gears, therefore I’m writing a post/topic about it (I’m at level 113 and my maximum pro bonus is 10).My gears are below.
Start moral perk: 474,1%.
Troop speed perk: 43,3%.
Bomb kick aura perk: 2,9.
Speed perk: 70,7%.
Attack rate perk: 141,1%.
Scream perk: 245,2%.
Skull perk: 31,9%.
Slowdown perk: 7,2%.
Egg aura perk: 40,2%.
Slowdown aura perk: 52,6%.
Fear aura perk: 58,5%.
Life drain aura perk: 27,2%.
Heal aura perk: 24,5%.
Fire aura perk: 28,7%.
Ice aura perk: 31,9%.
Sonic blast aura perk: 37,5%.
Insta troop perk: 40,9%.
Life drain perk: 1147,3.
Eldrak perk: 1198,2.
Farm perk: 60,2%.
Fire shield perk: 19362,4.
Poison shield perk: 12945,3.
Pal flute perk: 7970,3.
Firestorm perk: 23370,8.
Blizzard perk: 46957,3.
Heal perk: 7966,1.
Toxic cloud perk: 16196,7.
Hammerstrike perk: 45915,1.
Swordrain perk: 29115,8.
Shield perk: 28434,4.
Black magic perk: 6975,5.
Sonic blast perk: 37659,2.
Bladestorm perk: 20642,8.
Paladin attack perk: 7971,5.
Paladin resistance perk: 7971,5.
Archer attack perk: 7971,5.
Archer resistance perk: 7971,5.
Cannon attack perk: 7344,4.
Cannon resistance perk: 7344,4.
Mortar attack perk: 8099,4.
Mortar resistance perk: 8099,4.
Mummy attack perk: 8197,6.
Mummy resistance perk: 8197,6.
Knight attack perk: 7971,5.
Knight resistance perk: 7164,4.
Gargoyle attack perk: 16456,6.
Ogre resistance perk: 8103,2.
Monk resistance perk: 5632.
Werewolf attack perk: 8224,3.
Werewolf resistance perk: 16448,6.
Viking attack perk: 5632.
Viking resistance perk: 5632.
Necromancer attack perk: 17902,4.
Necromancer resistance perk: 15346,1.
Pyromancer attack perk: 16445,4.
Pyromancer resistance perk: 16323,1.
Froster attack perk: 14298,9.
Froster resistance perk: 16206,4.
Blunt damage perk: 3774,9.
Piercing damage perk: 1056,5.
Fire damage perk: 548,2.
Ice damage perk: 3201,3.
Poison damage perk: 1102,2.
Gold perk: 141,2% (also considering Kaiser pal) + 9% of pro bonus.
Medal perk: 28% + 8% of pro bonus (also considering a pro pal).
XP perk: 218% + 21% of pro bonus (also considering a pro pal).
Luck perk: 65,33% (98,29%) + 7,76% (8%) of pro bonus (also considering a pro pal).

That’s a lot of gear, congrats ?

I’m going to improve my gears and I like to collect unique super items and pro items.

So what u want us to do? 


well, probably nothing atm, but if an alliance is looking for him, then they can come here and see his skull boost and other things that they may find important for a player to have

Players can compare gears.

okay yeah, cool :grinning: