gem achievements

So they changed in the update the gem achievements. I was wondering how they have done it. If you have achieved a reward and haven’t collected it will it change in the update, or is it only on rewards you haven’t achieved yet. Does that make sense, bit of a tongue twister.


I am not at level 80 yet and was looking forward to those 1000 gems should I kiss goodbye to them.


Just any info regarding the gem distribution changes. Feel free to add your thoughts on this.


This can  be deleted when if when I get my questions answered, if no discussion materialises, I just didn’t want to clog up the official update thread.

I am within a day of becoming level 80.  Looks like its still going to give me 1000 gems.  How many are you seeing?

I don’t have the update yet, I’m on windows. That’s why I need to know.



This gem outrage is really bringing the mob mentality out in people if anything its going to make people start gem ploughing or cheating on another level.


I do feel sorry for people though, I started and used a good strategy to advance into the top 1000 and it revolved around the achievements.

Where did you read this?  I’d like to check to see if this is true.  I’m on 1.5.0 & still shows 1K gems reward.


I hope it’s not, as it would be a buff to all +80 level players.  

Helping the strong stay strong by hindering everyone below them.

^^ I think when you’re on 1.6.0 it might be different. It will slow people down. But you can get up there. The top 100 however is kind of purchased. Unless you started when RR first came out. Or you have tap joy, videos for free food.


I think it will end up costing me a few thousand gems. It will be interesting to see how they are “redistributed”

"update to version 1.6.0 included many new features and balance changes.


Quest reward rework:

  • Reworked the rewards for some quests so that the gems are now more evenly distributed"

Just updated on windows phone and it has ‘Heroic King’ still at 1,000 and ‘Digger’ still at 500.  Probably some small differences as you level throughout the game?  Looks like they did the right thing to me.

^^ thanks for the info. I’ve already cashed in a few achievements just incase they try to lower mine. Taking no chances.

Here’s some of the quest reward that they nerf, I got the info from our Fb group who are IOs and Android user


  1. winning 10x diamond league-250 gems (before 1000 gems)

  2. Fashion King Reward- Now 250 gems (before 1000 gems)

  3. 5 towers at level 9- Now 50 gems (before 100 gems)

  4. 10,000 Pearl drive- Now 3500 gems

I don’t understand the pearl dive achievement. Is it use or obtain 10,000 pearls to get 3500 gems. Is that an increase or decrease? 3500 seems a decent reward, probably impossible for free players, but still…

I think they moved the gems to the pearl dive achievement which is what most of the fuse is about. I do not recall what the original pearl drive was but I really doubt they awarded 3500 gems for it before

wtf. pay for my gem

Seem to recall it was triggered at 5000 pearls accumulated with a 1k reward. The bulk of the 2.5k could’ve come from 10x Diamond League and Fashion King. At the current ratio of ~10:1, the new achievement means spending about 100k gems, something no free player will ever do (requires around 250 Diamond league victories and/or hundreds of Tapjoy offers) and otherwise would cost $250-500 USD, depending on the gem sale.

It looks like an achievement reworked to reward paying players - possibly with a small but growing number of players approaching 5k pearls. But the idea of incentivizing gem spends to earn a quantity of pearls that is (up to this point) overblown in order to earn about 3.5% of them gems spent is very strange logic, especially when those gems were reallocated to here from already challenging achievements. Why not just add a 10k pearl achieve and leave everything else as-is?


Yea flare games logic most of the times is bizarre lol, Level 10 archers but only level 8 knights as a example. Spells and towers levels as well…