Gem chests in CoF

Has anyone ever won any gem chests from Chamber of Fortune?

Because I’ve playing this game for a long time and never won any gem chests. Everytime I choose the wrong 3rd chests, it shows 80-90 gems. But when I choose it right, I mostly get pearls or gold.

I did but long, long, long time ago when it was possible. Now you barely see them in 3rd chest and if they are there you never get them. You can get them only if you happen to open all chests, so spend gems and maybe get gems in return.

That’s risky… Even if you spend gems to open the 3rd chest, there is no guarantee that you will get gems. FG must have designed the cof in such a way that you can never get gems chest even if you spend gems to open the 3rd one.

Yup, exactly. It happens to me sometimes when during war I need skull and open all chests. But yeah, you can open all chests 20 times in a row and won’t see any gems.

They totally changed it, in the past we were getting them quite often.

Flare programmed the game like a high level playrs doesn’t get gems in COF, and it will never happen… So don’t waste ur valuable gems ?

Very long time ago, maybe even more than a year, you could really get gems in the 3rd chest. Same as you win pearls today.\

But now you never get them.

I can’t understand the flares urge to lie. If you don’t want to give gems in the 3rd chest, then don’t. But why are the players deceived to think they could get them?

I get the gems about every 10 to 20 times (70 to 90 gems). Mostly the last chest. I pay for the COF chest every time, because I figured it pays for itself in the long run. Pearls are the item I like and the gems are a bonus.

Have heard that sometimes (extremely rarely), only if you pay gems to open all the chests, you do get some, but the players who told me about it, have come to a conclusion it’s not worth it.

Just wondering, how a new player with only 2 posts, already pays heavily to open every chest and gets 70-90 gems each time… Hmm… Why are you not showing your IGN sepptorr?


I tried it for a while and indeed, in the beginning they try to seduce you by giving 80+ gems a couple of times in a row. That frequency starts to drop heavily after you are used to continue opening CoF with gems.

When you are unfortunate, you need to pay 45 gems every time to get all three chests, the time that you get gems however drops dramatically to around 5% or even lower.

What you can find in third chest?

  • Gold -> Most times it is 500k+ in third chest. For 45k I get a gold shield for a day. I can raid many times the gold with these gems
  • Vouchers -> I don’t want to tell you how often I got a lousy 12-25 vouchers. 45 gems for 12-25 vouchers is not worth it.
  • Pearls -> Sometimes I get only 13 pearls, sometimes 90+ pearls. 13 pearls are definitely not worth it, 90+ pearls might be worth it.
  • Gems -> Of course this is worth the gems, but what are the odds to get them? 5-10%?
  • Item -> It is a random item, sometimes even an item worth less than 100k. When it’s legendary it could be worth it, otherwhise not.

So for gems and pearls and a small part of items it could be worth it. Unfortunately gold, vouchers and useless items appear more often in third chest. If you hope for gems, in the end you paid more gems then you will receive. Pearls, I don’t know how often they appear in third chest, but is it worth to spend/waste 100+ gems for them?

My conclusion is that it’s definitely not worth it. There is only one winner by spending gems for getting all three rewards and that’s flare.

Just because I have 2 post doesn’t mean anything except I just joined the forum. Look me up in the game. Why do I need to show my IGN when you know it? I find that it is worth it! Yes, I do spend heavily…I’ve been playing for about 8 months. Just remember without people buying gems this game wouldn’t be around any more. Didn’t want to be a free loader!

Yep, can see you now. You even raided my semi-open base to prove it. Thanks for the gems :slight_smile:

Thx for being a spender, sepptorr. Thx to you, players like us in G&M can enjoy the game for free :slight_smile:  


Looks like I got lucky. I never continue in the COF after a fail, I prefer using me gems for other features. Looks like my fingers decided otherwise this morning and got gems as a reward.


That’s only to seduce you to continue more often. Been there, seen that.

In the beginning every two times you get gems. After getting used to use gems to go on, you start to be very unfortunate and need 45 gems a lot of times, while you find around gems approximately 1 times in 20 attempts. Guess who is the big winner in the end?

So let it be a slip of the finger and don’t try it again, you will probably start to be more unfortunate while opening chests and definitely spend/waste more gems than you ever will find.


There is a trick that may works, it depends always on luck however…if you see often that after a raid when you fail to open a chest you don’t see any chests that show you gems inside means you’re getting close that they appear again so the next raid you can try the luck and spend gems to open chests =)

This means maybe every 6/7 raids or so?  I don’t know

You get gems in CoF mainly if you spend gems. They are usually inside the third chest. This means that if you want to find them, you need to spend 15 for each chest. So 45 gems spent to get just 89/90/91/92/93/94/95 gems (This number can change everytime). The real gain is only about 40/50 gems. 

I figured out that sometimes you get gems in CoF even when you’ve spent gems to scroll in the previous raid. Seem a way that Flare give us to get back those gems we’ve spent in the raid.

I have somehow seen that the success rate decreases as you level up. When I had just started the game, I used to open 2-3 chests after raids. Now, the average has dropped to 1-2. Even my friend experienced this. I think you get gems every 5th raid according to my observations. 


FG’s  reaction…to the scam, I guess eddy.

lol everyone I got 89-81 gems in my every COF in war raids of this season… I know this is trick. I was pretty surprise how flare can be so kind to their players I mean free players and shit I didn’t open a single chest and the gems appeared 7 times in a row which is really really rare these days

Wait, what?!