Gem discount offers after update?

 Before the update, gem discount offers were quite frequent regardless of gems possessed. 

However,  after update discount offers seem to have disappeared.   I have had less than 500 gems since the update and have seen no offer.   I thought it was odd, so I asked around and no one that I heard from had received a gem discount offer recently either. 

Has something changed?  

P.S. to flare,  I’m eagerly awaiting to buy gems with offer. 

No offer for APO! They are rich;)))


btw i got offer this BS event, -50%. I dropped to 10 grms and its came

before ( like 3-4 days)it was -26%


so for me its work, but i dnt know does it work for others?

I have 25% offer 2 days ago, my last 50% was 4-5months back though…havent drop below 700 gems since then…

I had a 50% off and a 50% more with in a week.