gem factory

can you please make a gem factory…


A gem factory would be to overpowered people could get gems when they want them therefore making this game have no point to it

Legends craft

Tractor! We need a tractor to increase yields!

that is basically asking for a legal way to plough gems , your gem factory is 


  1. hardwork in trying to win diamond league

  2. gems trap base

  3. provoking a heavy scroller to attack your base 

Yup. Or a real life job. Feed the beast that is Flare!

how about having ruins cost gold to be removed and having them have a chance to drop gems

Yes, I agree that ruins should cost money, same with workers.  Should have at LEAST given us the option of paying with gems of gold.  What is the point of making every decent upgrade about spending gems that are hard to get???  You guys are not only ridiculous but insane.  First off, you need to clear an area of the map, to put the path.  You cannot do that currently without spending gems to remove such ruins, and OH…every time you remove one, the gem count doubles…!!!  Do you really think that was a formula for success…???


I cannot begin to tell you guys how many glitches and issues with connecting to the game on windows 8, that I have had.  And to make it worse, due to a glitch that kept windows 8 users like myself offline for several days, (almost a week), I got wiped out of all my money, and attacked like crazy.  You guys don’t even have the decency to either credit my account, give us gems for the downtime that was NO fault of our own…or anything resembling someone that cares about your customers.