So i was twisting my towers and suddenly i noticed +300 gems got added, We tried the trick on my friend Kortizon’s account and it gave him 1000 gems, you just adjust the screen so that the peak of the ice/arthemis/charon tower is hidden by the gem bar and twist it four times. it’s really surprising , Kortizon was able to get another 500 gems later. 


Hey! I don´t get you… what happened there? Just moving towers you got gems or the game recognize you some on achieves?

If you do that with lapetos, nyx and hydra towers, you can get 5000 gems, evil doctor… Try it… 

No friend, i thinh he is getting fun with us… 

_ :slight_smile:  I think 100% people reading this are going to try it :wink:  … what a troll!! _

Fair enough ?

Hmm, if Morgan and his team were as wicked in their definition of what “fun” looks like like, lets say, some Infamous player, they would track all those “testers” and issue them a 24 hour downtime… Would be painful, but fun indeed.