Gem offers confusions.

Well, it would be pretty nice improvement, if you would actually mention real sale % of the gems packages. Cause right now there is sale on 20 000 gems, that offers you 24 000 gems instead. Saying that this is 43% sale. Well, if you would cut 20 000 in half (package says that 95% of gems are free, but it truly means that this package offers you gems equal to slightly more than 10 000 sum, bought by the base package price and plus 95% of that amount is added for free(well it could be shortened, if you would just say that this package is 48-49% cheaper)), and then you would try to calculate 43% from 10 000 gems, then yeah, it would be nearly 4000. But because it is sale and whole package is nearly 10 000 (without those 95%), this would be just 20% off sale for 10 000 gems, not 43%. And if we would be even more realistic - +4 000 gems to 20 000 package is a 10% sale, not 43% and not even 20% (30 000 gems would be 25% sale, and 40 000 would be 50% sale, cause only then it would be half priced). I mean - if you want to add 43% sale - make it real 43% sale. Otherwise, it would be a nice improvement to call it 10% sale, to not confuse players.

And also, in my opinion - sales must encourage players to buy gems. When there was a 50% off sale (the real one, that had price of the package cut in half) it was really encouraging, but seeing that 10% sale near the holidays just makes me sad -.- Right now, there is almost no difference in buying gems with sale, or without one.

Why are you buying gems? I never ever spend money on games… if the only way to beat or do well in a game is to pay money, then the game is not worth it; and I would quit playing it.

Well, I have everything maxed out and I’m at level 81, the only way to progress from now on is to invest in gems and spend them on hero levels or speeding up the waves, to get 40 morale points in each one. Or yeah, I could just quit the game :slight_smile:

Hero levels above 85 right now are pure donate (or, MAYBE there are some maniacs who really like to raid people each day, even after they’ve upgraded everything, For those players, level 100 out of 120 is reachable in nearly 8 months from level 80, if they would play 50 games a day).

Yeah, but I have everything at max level, including alliance tower. And the only way for me to have an impact on my alliance is to donate real money to add gold to the chamber (cause let’s face it, 250k gold donation once in 24 hours is just too slow way to go), or to look for some active players with high level of alliance tower, but this part I do not consider as a game, just as a social feature, and still - only way to really progress now is to donate.

different people , different view and goal.Some view this game as something worth spending money on , like me.I think most games nowadays are pay to win , unless your objective is to just play , take it slow with upgrade and stop once you’ve maxed out everything instead of actually competing at the top.

Am I wrong or RevenanT was speaking about statistics? I read his post again and I didn’t find any question about “is it worth or not to spend real money for gems?”…maybe this could be an interesting topic in the speakers corner, couldn’t it?  :grinning:


MisterE, how d’you say to open it? I think it would be really interesting to know what players think…but for this topic, please, let’s go on with the main issue  :slight_smile:


I feel the same. Gems “sales” are not real sales but feel more like a promotion trick.

  • First of all a sale universally means a discount on PRICE, not adding more of the good to purchase at the same price.
  • Second, overcharging the 500 gems pack so you could offer a significant discount on the super expensive 20k pack doesn’t count as real discount. If I had 90 Euros to spend on games, I would buy a WiiU instead. What about the other packages that non real life millionaires want to buy ?(1k; 2,5k) No discount? Why?
  • Third, Flare it’s Christmas for Christ Sake(literally), do some proper discount and stop being so greedy!!!$$$$!!!$$!$!!

way to troll btw its only due to paying members of the community that this game will continue to exist so if you like the game buy something. throw a few dollars around, it wont kill you to support a game thats given you hours of enjoyment.


id love to see the free player with maxed towers and maxed king level… lol maybe in a few years