Gem Purchase with Windows Store

Hello everyone. I am posting this topic hoping you could help me.


Windows is showing me, on my purchase history, a purchase that didn’t succesfully occured. I remembered trying to purchase a gem package on the game amounting Php2,236 but the purchase was unsuccessful because I don’t have enough balance on my account. Of course, no gems delivered on my game and no charges made. But recently, after depositing money on my account, I noticed Php455 (about $10) was deducted on my account. My account was only link to Windows and nothing else.


My question would be, did Windows charged me for trying to purchase the gem package for Php455 but no gems delivered on my game? Or, is it Flaregames that charged me? Will I be charged Php455 continuesly until the Php2,236 gem package was settled and then the gems be delivered?


I can’t reach Windows support at the moment.


The name you should see when you are charged is “MSFT *WINDOWS STORE BILL.MS.NET WA.” I would call you bank and they are the ones that will assist you in discovering the charge and will give a number to who charges your account. 

Most definitely, the bank (hopefully) have an answer as to where the money went. But about this “MSFT *WINDOWS STORE BILL.MS.NET WA.”. I couldn’t see any of that. Microsoft doesn’t issue receipt, right? But I did receive a confirmation email about my last purchase prior to current.



I pulled that info from my online bank transactions list (copy/paste). That is what all my transaction have come through as on three different checking accounts. It may be different for people in different parts of the world.




The email you received is the receipt.