Gem Purchase

Again I’ve been waiting for the right price to purchase gems, Management keep given us the same old price and it’s getting very very boring. I suppose they give these so called special prices to players that may happen to go online and find them straight up, but it doesn’'t do anything for me because I’m online playing this game every day and I’m not impressed that those of us who play the game regularly are subject to these supposed special deals that are dained by the powers that be. I’ve asked this a few times before and I’m asking it again, present the regular players with better prices for gems and a such. The odd specials just don’t cut it for me. I’m looking a purchasing some more gems and atm but I’m not getting a  good deal. Thecurrent price of $109.75 for 20,000 gems is not that good. I can remember purchasing 20,000 gems for $67.00 and 7,500 gems for $37,50 so come on management, give us break. Should you provide the prices I’ve just mentioned, you can count on my purchase 100% You have to look after your regular players and the players will turn look after you. Fair crack of the wip guys?