Gem rewards for highest skull count in Alliance// The alliance Pot

So this is a simple and straight forward suggestion.


The top 10 players with the highest skull count should get gems at the end of the war for the top 3 alliances.

Please everyone show your support for this idea and if you have suggestions keep them short and sweet.


I am the Leader of my alliance and I think I am pretty tough. But in alliance wars I’m usually a top skull contributor but not number 1. Sometimes I don’t even make top 5. There are people that earn more skulls then me with less to work with.


What I mean is there are members in my alliance who have less upgraded troops spells and bases yet they out perform me. Flare needs to award them for being the tough cookies that they are.


Number 1 alliance skull contributors will get:

#1 gets 100 gems

#2 gets 75 gems

#3 gets 50 gems

#4-#10 gets 25 gems


Number 2 alliance skull contributors will get:

#1 gets 50 gems

#2 gets 40 gems

#3 gets 30 gems

#4-#10 gets 20


Number 3 alliance skull contributors will get:

#1 gets 40 gems

#2 gets 30 gems

#3 gets 20 gems

#4-#10 gets 10 gems



Personally I’d like higher gem rewards for the ones I’ve posted but we’re not getting smack for alliance wars as it is so I set a low bar.

I made this with being flexible in mind. I just want the alliance wars to be wroth fighting for everyone.



-My next suggestion is in my second post-

-The Alliance Pot-


No I am not asking you to get your members high. Do that on your own time.


I think a way to get people more active in there alliances would be to add a feature where everyone could donate half of what they donate daily into a separate place but only once a week. We call this place “The Alliance Pot”. The alliance pot can be awarded to 1 member once a week but not to Leaders or Generals or anyone has been Leader or General since the beginning of the week. This could be used to reward whoever may really need it or whoever has proved themselves a mainstay of the alliance.


No one wants to have a million Generals. To many cooks ruin the broth as they say.


But I want to award my members still because they are badasses. So this feature would help and by limiting how much and how often it can be used it will be hard to misuse.

I disagree. This would favor higher-level kings as opposed to lower level kings. Plus, why should people in the bottom 3 alliances be penalized? They could be the strongest player in the league, but simply have an inactive alliance.

I still vote for my idea of every skull earned being converted into 10-50 gold for the alliance at the end of the season. It would reward those who had to fight on multiple fronts at once, and make it so that excess skulls aren’t a complete waste. Plus an extra chance to donate, to make up for all the gold that goes into elite boosts during the wars XD

I agree that people need to be rewarded for skull count, but I feel like making alliance members compete between one another would cause unnecessary tension/resentment within the alliance.

Or, if you want to reward individual players, just make it so that the Alliance Wars system offer extra gold according to Skull count. For example, right now I get about 100k per fight. Perhaps if I fight someone for 750 skulls, that number is, I don’t know, 225,000. Likewise, if I get only 500 skulls from him, I only get 150,000 gold. But if I go back to get the other 250 skulls, I only get the remaining 75,000 gold. So the gold is determined based on skulls winnable, and runs out when the skulls run out.

This would reward people per battle rather than per final skull count, encouraging people to go for those 2% battles instead of giving up because of how fruitless it’d be otherwise.


Thank you for putting thought into your reply I appreciate it.


My idea is flawed I agree you with that senitiment. But I don’t think adding more gold to treasury is the right way either.


My first suggestion was made because i don’t think that the elite boosts are enough of a reward for wars.


Do you think that maybe having the top 3 alliance members get an extra gem reward and the rest of the alliance getting the same reward is a good compromise? I mainly only suggested the top ten members get a gem reward because flare is so damn greedy nowadays and isn’t doing much to mativate for wars.



Also I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on my second idea about the alliance pot. Mainly criticisms.

I agree that all alliance members deserve to share in the reward, with the stipulation that those who don’t participate get nothing. Perhaps, instead of even being determined by skulls, you just get a 15-30 gem reward just for winning 3 battles? I feel like that would encourage players to participate.

As for the Alliance Pot, I love the idea *O* I’ve suggested many times before, for a way to help other members of the alliance, but Flare had never replied. I believe that it would:

A) Foster loyalty

C) Give people a place to dump their gold when all their workers are busy

D) Given that there’s a limit based on Alliance Tower level, this would further encourage players to upgrade their alliance towers, leading to more gems being spent, which helps Flare (;

4 reasons why the Alliance Pot is an excellent idea! :wink:

Just give us some Gems for our 8 Days of Labour! 


I like that idea… I’ts the perfect compromise…


Fixes a big flaw in my first post…