Gem rewards instead of Gold for Alliances for War Participation

"Newb Enablers" series

IMHO, the Multiplayer mode, specifically Alliance Wars, are the key attractions of Olympus Rising. To sustain this, we need more alliances. Mid-level players in alliances may also be better paying customers than non-allied players (due to the competitive spirit among peers). However, creating & sustaining alliances is an tremendous (& often painful) responsibility that individual Founders may find unrewarding. The cost-benefit ratio of managing an alliance in the long term does not seem to be very attractive. But, more alliances means more interesting wars. So, incentivizing alliance founders is necessary for the long-term health of an MMORPG. 

Ergo, instead of Gold rewards for war participation & victories, would you please consider granting Gem rewards (in a separate “alliance account”)? Often, Founders invest their own Gems to bestow & extend Blessings, so this would greatly help them, as well as motivate them to continue as Founders, instead of abandoning them after getting dejected with low member participation during the alliance’s toddling period. 

Thanks. ☺️

_ PS : I am not a Founder (mercifully!). I ask for other Founders who carry the cross of leadership sacrifice. _

If it’s in a separate alliance account, isn’t that the exact same thing as gold rewards? Gem donations just convert to gold anyways. 

And actually, the current gold rewards (at least at titan level) are much more than the gem equivalent you’re suggesting. Winner of this war gets 50mil in alliance gold. Your 2,000 gems would only be 20mil-ish. 

Where are you seeing a gold reward. I keep looking but can’t find it. Sorry.