Gem sales?

What has happened to gem sales? Hadn’t bought gems in months, wasn’t using them so much. Now I’m out and want gems for upgrades, but no offers in two weeks. Going the gem chest route would take forever to get what I want. Anyone else still getting gem sale offers, or are they a thing of the past?

I too am waiting for gem sales for a month now. Even tried to keep gem count low to trigger the offer but no success. I guess, Flare doesn’t want my money  :lol:

Bought the 7500 Gems at full price last week because like everyone else here, I haven’t had a Gem sale for around 6 weeks, possibly 8 weeks now. I thought buying at least one pack at full price will reset the system, but so far, it hasn’t worked.

I also did try keeping my Gems low (less than 10), but my daily Gems and people during war season have been gemming my base. Neither have helped to keep my Gem numbers low.


To me, it’s better to offer Gems regularly on sale rather than keeping it at full price and have no one buy Gem packs.

Yeah,you right. Sounds like a nonsense. Offering more gems sale offers to players, Flare might gain more money. Cause a gem sale offer is more attractive than the full price one. Maybe they don’t like the smell of money. LOL I don’t think so. But this is a nonsense indeed. 

I’ve kept mine below 10 for two weeks, but no sales. Guess I just won’t upgrade and will keep my money.

I wouldn’t be surprised that after reaching a certain hero level no discount packages will be offered, unless flare activates them.

I’m lvl 104 but when i got the gem sale for windows i was lvl 103 and was 2nd or 3rd of April

Ok, so maybe flare decides when you get a gem sale.

Yeah but sounds like a contradiction. Cause buying a full price package is convenient for Flare but at the same time not so much. I mean if players received more gem sale offers,many more players would buy those kind of gems package. So in this way,they are not tempting players to buy gems. And honestly i’m very surprised about this. In my opinion is a bad market choice. 

It is indeed a bad strategy. I bought two times a package last year. Bot 50% discount.

Since that second time I never got a gem sale, since I have to go under 1500 gems to get it. I still have 5k+ gems since that time, because I only use them for gold shields and sometimes while being stubborn and continue opening CoF chests during war raids (I know, not smart).

When they would offer more gem discount sales, maybe players will get tempted even more. They could do it at similar time with alliance party or blacksmith event, hold a gem sale at that same moment. I think more players will be tempted to buy gems then, since they might need it.

Last time i received a gem sale offer was on December 2015. LOL Yeah 4 months ago. Seem they don’t like money  :huh:

I cannot even remember last sale

6 months? year?

what I experienced last months, several factors are required for getting a gem sale.

One very important is a hero-level upgrade after last sale! That I wasnt aware of before, but have verified it with my second small account.


Other factors should be known already:

  • less than 100 gems

  • no unopen chests and quests (quests were included later, before they did not count!)

Anyone else confirm the no unopened chests or quests to qualify for a sale? In the past I’m pretty sure I got offers with both, but times change.

Hasn’t worked for me. I have increased on level from 90 to 95, kept my Gems purposely low along with using up my chests when I can and no discount offers.

With the upcoming offense event , I would have loved to purchase more Gems, but wouldn’t because I cannot justify purchasing the full price. I usually also purchase the 20K Gem packs because they are the most cost-efficient.

So yeah, they’re not getting my money at all. I think… :stuck_out_tongue:

One month below 100 gems and not a single gem sale offer. I hear of lower level players getting multiple offers. Maybe there is a level cutoff?

They don’t like money  :lol: