gems-banned War season

Hey Guys !



All are talking about how pay to win is the basic element for top alliances to win wars and questioning their ability to win without it.


i believe it will be so clear it flare make gems-banned season, where no one can use scrolls or open chest with gems, it will be crystal clear who deserve to be called the best


here i am talking one season only among many like the special event conditions.


if you with me and think without gems it will be massive exposure for fake raiders who scroll their way to the top, support the case

if you are raider who use scrolls and want to prove you are mighty even without it also support the case



I kinda agree with you, but think no scrolls with the current boosts is maybe a bit too far, limit it to one or two, very few top level raiders are making 100% scroll free runs on top bases consistently.

And almost every top player can beat (most) top bases with a rightly times single TW, definitly when combined with a BC. If this kind of season would happen, you would just have to pick your battles rightly. I would like to see which alliance has the best raiders :slight_smile:


Too bad this probably won’t happen because it would cost Flare massive money.

Means no income $$$$$$ for Flaregames

i ma talking for one season as gut check, that wont hurt flare … it will increase fun