Gems disappear.

Today I logged in to game and have almost 850 gems. I logged out, and after 15min logged in again, and what I saw? Over 300 gems just disappear, now I have equal 500. Didn’t spent this on any upgrades, only I used gems to remove ruins, but cost of this was like 10/12/15/25. I don’t remember exacly but smth like that. Second thing maybe not so important like first but also very annoying, when I open godlike chest which contain atleast one godlike goods  in 2/3 opened chest I didn’t got godlike item. This two bugs is the most harmful things for me, don’t mention I expirenced a harm from earlier update, but I have hope you will help me ASAP.

Greetings ZUQU

Hello Zuqu,

Sorry for the issue you encountered.

Can you please get in touch with the Customer Support team here:

Please provide them with your exact ingame username, and a summary of your issue :slight_smile:

Of course thank you for fast replay. :slight_smile: