Gems dissappearing

Happened once before, about 50 gems just vanished…was a little drunk, thought that i spent it on who knows what… but now I’m sober and 84 gems just dissapeared, this is not right damn it


Hello Seelview,

Please send a ticket to the support with information about your issue, such as how many gems disappear, and when.

Sorry for the troubles.

You might have my problem, went to upgrade helens beauty and it instafinished, lost about 1000 gems…

I lost 400 gems no apparent reason, please give me back !

I lost Too, I upgrade helens beauty too and lost 400 gems.

Submit a request about it through Help and Support on main forum page. I already have, they say theyre looking into it…

Support give me back my gems, thanks!

Mine too, but they tried to tell me it was my fault…

I had gems dissapearing to after helens beauty upgrade…

Bugs that cost money

See above? ask for your gems back, they obviously havent fixed it. Quelle surprise.

Hi , I logged out yesterday with 82 gems. This morning i found 6. Did not used them or even touched anything. 


Please check with the support here:


I write because i dessappeared about 200 gems in the last hours, without any reason. They could check that?


Really? The last time i was gone 100 more gems.

You can check it, please???


Have you already sent a ticket to the customer supportwith information about your issue, and your ingame name?

I destroyed the pieces to the path and I got DC when I log again to the game I was - 232 gems. Why I lost 232?  Can I take them back or no? 


Please get in touch with the support about this issue, they will be able to help you further. :grinning:

Sorry for the troubles. 

Omg once again I lost 90 gems by removing field. please someone much do something about this bug. before someday 232 and now 90

10 gems to remove field  first one was fine to the second one again with 10 but I got disconnect and I when I log again  90 gems missing  ?


Please note that only the first ruins you remove (overall) cost 10 gems. Then the price keeps increasing.

We are currently looking into the issue and will get it fixed as soon as possible.