Gems/Gold wastage due to war blessings prolonging upto max 83 days

Heya…I’m from the alliance named heroes of corinth currently in league of gods…

Guys as per the recent update dated on 17th of July you guys have fixed a bug where alliance had blessings for 83 days 

H.O.C is one amongst them our alliance members have donated lot of gems after war to prolong some of the blessings to max and now we feel like cheated as all our donations went in vain so kindly do some thing about it…


Anything like compensation of alliance gold / Gems is highly appreciated from ya side… hope to listen something positive from ya side thanks

The compensation of the gold spent, or the gems used for the gold, would make sense. @CaptainMorgan is there anything you can do to help this guy out? Of course, you guys at flare did the right thing by removing the ability to keep a boost for nearly 3 months straight, but it would certainly seem unfair to not have the gold restored to this alliance

Sorry that the announcement we made is not clear on this. We fixed that this issue could happen. We did not fix that it has happened.

Your Alliance should still have the Blessings you have bought, we have simply fixed this so that it will not happen again. Since the worst possible result in the next War is that you would lose 1 of those Blessings, we decided that it was safer for the system not to remove Blessings you have already paid for. It just means at the end of the next Season you will not gain any further time for your Blessings which are already at 81 days.

This would be exactly the same as if you had gained the blessings at the end of both Seasons and gives you no additional advantage or disadvantage, other than you could potentially drop a League at the end of the next Season but still keep 1 additional Blessing from your current League. 

As such, compensation is not necessary.