Gems/Golds Share

Is it possible to have gems/golds sharing with other players? or within alliance members?

If you find a suitable way of communicating, you can, to a certain extent, do that. 



The defender gets about 10% of the gems the attacker used on a raid for scrolls, resurrects, so by e.g. attacking him and then dying and resurrecting a few times and spending 100 gems, your friend will get 10 gems from that. Not efficient at all, but may be useful when someone is just a few gems short of buying some great item or package. 



You can leave gold unprotected, log off and let your friend raid you for big loot. If you make your base easier, the friend can raid with gold gear, further enhancing the loot. Though, this needs proper timing and a bit of luck, as anyone else could attack you as well. :grinning:

you can’t do with gem… 10 for 1 is really not worth it.

gold need perfect timing and communication:

You open your base, and log off, tell your friend to spam attack button until he gets in, once he gets in, you immidiately log in to prevent someone else attacks you.