Gems Holding Cap

@CaptainMorgan there should be a cap to keep Gems.

why this?

do you eventually feel that (some) players do not spend gems during war for a better result of the alliance and just collect gems for the moment when they are max level and start forging then to reduce time or whatever? maybe also bc some just dont have the plan to stay in your alliance?
if this would be the case for your suggestion, i would more be interested if we could get infos of how many gems have been spent for the achieved VP result :man_shrugging:

but maybe you have other reasons why you suggested a gem cap. would be great if you would share the reasons for this suggestion. thx.

edit: maybe also bc of collecting gems in high leagues and then creating a new alliance and prolong buffs at a very cheap level for a long time? :thinking: also for this there could be done something else.

Because at present there is no cap to keep gems. It can be misused by level jump from 122 to 145+.
And if someone have gems and he/she wanted to invest in alliance he can donate before max or utilities these for forging/refining etc. But if folks used for big level jump its look like bug/cheating.
That’s why i think there should be a cap to hold gems. Hope @CaptainMorgan take necessary action.
I also hope @NaN you agree to stop this cheat.

So if I buy gems , level up, buy gems, level up, buy gems, level up it’s not a bug or cheating. But if I buy buy buy buy and then level up several times, thats a bug?

Leveling up is a feature. You can’t put a limit to it, indirectly via gems, especially since I can just by pass it as I just described.

And this is a money making business, I can’t imagine why would they want to put a cap. This is the first time, I’ve heard of that.


I don’t see the need to limit the gems, everyone is free to spend what they want in the game. I do not care if a player spends $1 or $1,000 in this game, on the contrary I thank him because thanks to that payment, the game is still alive

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Thanks for bringing up your concern.

The case that you raised:

This may seem like an exploit, but actually it is far better to level slowly in this game. The player who does something like this will have a hard time to compete at the much higher level they have been catapulted to.

We don’t currently intend to cap the amount of Gems which can be stored, whether bought, or won. However, we are open to discussion if there is a stronger reason to do so.

unfortunately i still dont know which kind of misuse you mean in particular. but, obviously CM does so there is something like you said.
are gems cheaper in early stages of the game?

edit: ok. so you ment use gems to jump from lvl122 to lvl145.

Sorry Cap! I quote this because this is Gold! Leveling up at the right pace, often means slowly, is one of the keys to success. Dumpster, Archimides and I, among others, have said this in numerous occasions, but of course the mockeries were upon us whenever we said such thing.