Gems in Chamber

Has anyone ever gotten the gems in chamber. I see it at 100+ but sure in hell have not ever gotten it. Was wondering if it is just a bait thing.

All get it man…it is there for a year now …ss is from today’s war attack  :grinning:

They are bit,  but you only will get them as third reward, when you paid gems to continue opening at least once. At the start you find them often after using gems. Later, when you are used to it, they become rare. I nowadays find them only, when I spend 30-45 gems to find the skulls,  ut also that isn’t common.

My advice is to stay far away from them, there is only one winner and that’s flare.

Got it. That is why thought it was bait. It would be nice if the chamber was truly random and not manipulated by Flare. That is why I do not use gems to continue in chamber. Made those mistakes in start of game.

When they first introduced gems in CoF it was easy to obtain, it was random with high chances of getting it. But yeah, nowadays they are rarely there + you can get them only if you spend gems in CoF.

its very sad when you think about it right now. I remember in the past when I have started in 2015. the gem was so easy to get in COF. Just open any randoms chest and puff they appear. that was surprising to get 20 gems so many times. After a week you can get easily 700 gems and more. that was in the first year of RR2 when Flare was healthy and full of players with 750k+

Since they have change the algorithm of how to obtain them and for a free players close to 0% chance. You need now to spend ans waste gems to obtain gems. Very sad story today  :slightly_frowning_face:

rip old good chamber

Dang 750K really. No wonder they are trying to pinch everyone.

The impossibility (since version 3.0) to obtain gems at the chamber of fortune is one of the worst things of this game and one of Flaregames’ mistakes which the rating gets worse, pushes players (especially low level and free) to leave and attracts less potential players. In my country, “Royal Revolt 2” is being 141st among role games in the app store actually.

The game actually fixed a long outstanding bug in version 3.0. Why do you think there are sculls with gentleman’s hats on laughing at you when you fail?

(It does not make any sense if you are able to obtain gems from Chamber)

If it does not make any sense then why is it in there?