Gems in Quest

I heard and i have saw many video on that you can stack them up and wait to reclaim them but that was in old version like 1.7.0. I just see lol right now I need only 3 morale point to gain 1,000 gems and unlock the quest

My question is : If I don’t touch it and wait I don’t know 2 week,1 month, 2 month,etc…to click on it to recuperate my gems when needed that stay there forever or I can lost it if I’m waiting too long? this trick work again in 2.5.4?

i ask this question because of the fact I waste like 600 gems or more by mistake in just few days I don’t want to accumulate them if I can keep them safe for not reproduce same mistake to waste gems 

They will sit there till you collect them, that’s for sure. However, one day Flare can change rewards and it will have also impact on rewards which you had won but not collected yet.  In the past they decreased some gem rewards and changed some gems into vouchers.

Ok thanks you for the answer.I gonna collect them and make sure before doing raid check if my items are full or not. I don’t want to waste them again on stupid thing by mistake.