Gems Price - Currency


I’m here to ask a simple question (forgive me if my English is not too good. I’ll rearrange the question as many times as needed if you don’t understand)

I’m from Argentina. As you may (not) know argentinas “pesos” (currency) are really cheap and we have the second biggest inflation? In the world (more than 30% annually). So 1 dollar = 13 pesos give or take.

As you know at the store in-game we can buy gems. What I want to know is if the prices are shown in the player actual currency or if they are shown in dollars. For example 500 gems cost me $43,00…but 43 what? Euros? Dollars? Pesos?

500 gems = $5 here in America. I’m sorry, bro ._.

Then that may mean they take official dollar price (almost $9) in-game

I say official cuz we have black market dollar here which costs $13-14 pesos. But I must know for sure I cant just make guesses’ and suppose it is the way I think so I need a concrete answer.

I appreciate your comment anyway…better than nothing .


I am from India. The gems are sold in rupees in rr2 here. For 1200 rupees I will get 2500 gems…it’s very expensive. :confused:


It’s $43 pesos. The price is shown in local currency.  :slight_smile:


$43 argentine pesos = $5 dollars  ^_^


2500 gems cost $19.99 dollars… and 1200 rupees = $18,80 dollars

So, in fact, you’re paying cheaper  :stuck_out_tongue: