gems promotion?

Normally each time i receive the promotion of 30000 gems for the price of 20000 i buy it, but now, i still have less than 50 gems 'till 2 week and i have received absolutely no gems promotion…


I’m still waiting the promotion to buy gems… Can someone explain me how the gems promotion work? Why sometime i receive it and sometime not?


(By the way i have a secondary account, and on my secondary account i receive a lot of gem promotion…)


Thanks for your help.

Once you buy a certain amount the won’t come back it appears.

The only exception seems to be if they do a global gem sale rather than a targeted gem sale that is special to you

Well how does the promotion work?


Why does sometime we receive promotion to buy pack of gems at reduced price, and sometime we wait 2 week without received nothing?

no promotion too!

that’s bad,


Flare, please, be more commercial and friendly.

i still dont understand why sometime we receive promotion everyday (like on my other account) and sometime no promotion for two week…


Flaregames? Can you please explaint how and why the promotion appear?

Pessoal recebi uma promoção onde compraria um novo arquiteto, um slot para tropas, um slot para magia, um baú com ouro, tudo por 750 gemas, como não tinha comprei um pacote com 1200 gemas, porém a promoção não surgiu mais já fazem duas semanas.

because on that account you have low gems and have not bought many gems on that account yet. Once you buy a lot of gems or have a lot of gems they stop giving promotions.

*Big Baller Alert

@Bladestorm, how many gems bought in the past would cause no more gem sales?

For sure i have buy gems in the past, but when after two week that i have less than 100 gems i should receive a promotion? no?


Anyway, i dont buy if i dont receive promotion :slight_smile:

I’ve only bought gems a couple of times and I’ve had less than 300 gems for a month with no sale. I sent FG an email. I’ll see what they say.

I got an email back from FG. They said all gem offers are generated randomly. I asked followup questions regarding whether there is a limitation based on hero level or qty of gems bought previously. I’m awaiting their reply

They just replied. That was fast. Here’s all they were willing to say:

“Depending on your hero level, and your journey in the game, you may receive different offers”.

Can someone please comment if they have received a gem promotion at lvl 89+ and having bought a few gems previously.

not recent but was like 2/3 months ago with level 90+ king, got a 50% off after about half a year without any sales

my king lvl is 101 my last 50% promotion was about 7 months ago !! 

i think when you reach certain lvl or if you buy a lot of gems they stop promotion for you 

i have received a promotion of 24000 gems for the price of 20000 last week, but i was at work so i had no time to buy gems, when i have re-opened the game few hours later: gem promotion was gone…


When i received the promotion i was level 89, and i had aprox 15000 gems at this time! (so it look like we do not only receive promotion when gems are very low!)



Anyway, i’m actually waiting until i get a promo to buy more gems…

this is global gems sale i got this promotion too 

One thing I know for sure, when you have gems, there are no offers on items and upgrades/researches… Gems sale …hmm received almost every week, +20% in same price…50% less money… Just when I don’t have any gems…is happening

As of i know my rich brother from Egypt "King Ramses " does not need any discount sales.